GCO: Batman: Arkham Asylum Preview "Why So Serious?!"

You don't have to be crazy to get into Arkham Asylum, but it probably helps – especially when The Joker is in charge. It would seem that Gotham's worst have set a trap for the Caped Crusader and he'll have to fight his way out from deep within the facility. Using your wits, your fists and a handy assortment of gadgets, you'll be taking on the role of Batman on your Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PC.

Using Unreal Engine 3, the graphics look amazing – even if Batman does seem to be wearing a thick coat of Vaseline. The Joker appears to be sufficiently psychotic while the areas you'll be fighting through are notably dark and foreboding, full of bad guys and puzzles to be solved as you make your way out. Details on the villains you'll be fighting have been rather light, although we've seen evidence of Harley Quinn making an appearance in an updated, very revealing costume. Bane will also be in the game, along with Zsasz and a 15-foot-high Killer Croc to give you all the trouble they can while screenshots and videos have hinted at a certain villain who's quite fond of scribbling green question marks on the walls. Then, of course, you have the endless, unnamed bad guys you'll have to punch and kick your way through if you hope to survive.

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