Hasegawa (Art Director) on Kingdom Hearts 3 + Updates

HeartStation writes: "I've started translating the interview with Nomura and Hasegawa in the Nintendo Dream issue. Here is the last question posed to them mentioning Kingdom Hearts 3."

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thesummerofgeorge3462d ago

It's always awesome seeing games I loved from last gen for the first time on next gen systems. Can't wait!

Superduper093462d ago

I agree with you. If they will indeed release KH3, it should be on HD consoles not the Wii.

ReservoirDog3163462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

I wonder what worlds they'd use though,

the most common complaint (not by me though) was that they just reused most of the same worlds in KH2

my biggest complaint in KH2 was the little mermaid singing levels...

God those were bad

edit: maybe some pixar movies like the incredibles or something

onijutsu3462d ago

i wonder if they would do it on the wii or the other systems.

I mean for a title like kingdom hearts it would make a lot of sense for it to be on the wii.

onijutsu3462d ago

for all the disagree

i too would want it to be on a hd console, i think nomura would want that aswell.

But you have to admit that the game would be ideal for the wii.
Even though i wan't it to come to the ps3

ohwell i will be more than satisfied with nomura's dark horse ff13 versus

Jikla3462d ago

Wans't it already confirmed that they worked on KH 3 for the ps 3? I think I have read it at n4g about 2-3 months ago :/ Andi t were official.

eat_shorts3462d ago

KH3 on the Wii?No thx.

KH spinoff on the Wii?I wouldn't mind.