Microsoft: "Market doesn't need Blu-ray"

Microsoft has reignited its war of words with arch rival Sony following the launch of PlayStation 3 in Europe, with UK boss Neil Thompson attacking the system's price tag and Blu-ray functionality.

Speaking exclusively to, Thompson dismissed suggestions that the PlayStation 3's in-built Blu-ray drive gives the machine a tactical advantage over Xbox 360.

"Do I want to make people pay £200 extra for a machine with discs that have storage space I don't need? My answer's no, I don't need to do that today," Thompson said. "And I don't think I'm going to need to do that for quite a while."

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Blackmoses4754d ago

In that case it doesn't need HD-DVD either.

THAMMER14754d ago

1st that is why it is not standard in the 360 in the 1st place. Then if you want HD movies you have the (((((choice))))) to go pick it up. The 360 is a games machine 1st. The whole Blu Ray and HD DVD crap dose nothing but confuse people. Sony's BLu Ray lies is what started this mess. They said it was 100% necessary for this generation of games. Now we know the truth. Next we live in it.

Killer Cop4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

True true. And by the way Blu-ray is not only for movies but also storage, so the massive storage is really in use or will be.

Can you remember back in days where MS said that some few KB in memory will be enough for the average consumer? It's accuratly the same they are saying here.

I really think 50 GB is necessary for this new generation of games. It makes the games much bigger and gives more advanced textures and models, including high resolution game movies.

kewlkat0074754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

It is Sony that is trying to win the format war, yet again by adding blue-ray to the PS3, and trying to justify it in which ever way. In essence, MS has not committed to any drive, while they still do support HD-DVD.

Right now I haven't seen the justification for Blue-Ray. While I have seen Blue-Ray movies and the quality is better than DVD, just as HD-DVD is. If content distribution suppose to take over, then what is the whole point this time around with these drives.

So basically it comes down to money. Sony wants royalties, and desperately wants to win this format, just as Toshiba. MS is really on the side lines with a white towel, rooting for the opposition, but really doesn't have that much to loose, like SONY and TOSHIBA.

Can anyone come up with a good explanation why BLUE-RAY is needed for games? Also what can BLUE-RAY do that HD-DVD can't?

Please don't say, the Extra !20GB or so difference, is the Icing on the Cake..

hfaze4754d ago

1. Can anyone come up with a good explanation why BLUE-RAY is needed for games?

It gives the developers up to 50GB of storage for games. This allows for larger games. Also, putting out every PS3 game on Blu-Ray helps to bring down the mass production costs on Blu-Ray discs

2. Also what can BLUE-RAY do that HD-DVD can't?

Store 25GB per layer... ;-) This allows movie studios to put HD movies AND extras on a single layer, unlike HD-DVD where doing the same would require two layers... Disc production companies charge per layer pressed. Oh, and get movie studio backing... =)

theagony4754d ago

and will be the dominant format soon, thats why ms is so confused about what type of hd stuff to put into their box, probably this is the actual reason of not the putting the hddvd drive internally in to that black xbox.
Killer Cop
you are funny man,nice posts

Blackmoses4754d ago

Well if that's the case why does Microsoft feel compelled to give you the consumer the "choice", as they put it to buy their HD-DVD add on? They are virtually the same thing right?

The point I was making is that he's sitting there downplaying Sony's decision on using and supporting the format, but yet Microsoft is doing the same thing essentially. What makes one instance better than the other? Governing from his comments, would leave one to believe that both formats are equivalent to each other. Therefore we really have no need for either one.

He's contradicting his own company's efforts by trying to downplay Sonys' business motives. They are one in the same.

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THAMMER14754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

The consoles RAM will determine the amount of textures that are available in a game.

Blu Ray and HD DVD are storage format only. Is do see where story lines could be longer. The only thing there is that it has been proven that games are large and long enough with out Blu Ray or HD DVD. Bottom Line not one of them is necessary in your games console. Sony has done a good job of pushing Blu Ray to the forefront but has done nothing to prove it is needed for anything but setting them up for more money from brand loyal Playstation and the media format war .

Bebedora4754d ago

Blu-Ray has been proven usefull (if you like to have a game on one disc) when you see sizes of 16-22GB for games like Resistance and Heavenly Sword. Now there is Blue Dragon on 3 dvds. Why is that enough with the DVD format then?

THAMMER14754d ago

But I'm not sure is PS3's programming allows for compression techniques to be applied but those games do not need to be that big. There is nothing there that suggests that those games need to be that big. Unless the developers do not have those compression tools at all.

Bebedora4754d ago

...and nice stuff in hotpants :)

I was kind of wondering if Mistwalker is bad on compression then. They have to be. I know I've seen Resistance (Demo) and I agree with you. There is no apparent reason why it's 16GB but what can I say?

Heavenly Sword seems more enmasse and very high quality animations et all...I can see it filling up. Then we have Blue Dragon. *cough* :)

Boink4754d ago

with digital distribution kicking both their buts, and now that quad layer 18 gig dvd's are coming, that gives things like games a bit more room to grow before needing HDDVD or blu-ray storage size.

techie4754d ago

18gig dvd's expensive to make - try to find a dvd playe on the market that can play them. Blu-ray and HDDVD are basically just bigger DVD's -still disc, but with a different laser and more storage.

I say wait for hollographic discs - a terabite on one cd :)

Lebauski4754d ago

"The Internet? We are not interested in it" -- Bill Gates, 1993 ...

theagony4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

how about this one, windows 98 is secure like alcatraz (98 bill gates)

Bebedora4754d ago

Talk about blunder doom. What about

640K memory is all we will ever need.

Master of Menace4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

You will never need any sort of compression for Blu-ray, poor XBOX 360 will however. With my theatre set up I can play a DVD runnning at 576P and a Blu-ray running at 1080i at the same time. I just switch between the two on the fly. I was playing Underworld:Evolution for a scene for scene comparison. I showed a friend, and he couldn't believe how much clearer it was. He said "it's worth getting just for the Blu-ray!", but then I showed him Motorstorm, and he nearly choked on his beer he was so astounded. My TV is a Sony Wega CRT and is 2.5 years old, and it still looks awesome! Also, I love the SixAxis tilt control, and use the tilt function with Motorstorm. It makes the game so much more fun. I am more than elated with my new shiny PS3, WOW. The market really needs this, OK

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