Front Mission Evolved coming to Xbox 360

The Magic Box writes:

"Official Xbox 360 Magazine reported that Square Enix is working on Front Mission Evolved for Xbox 360, a new role playing real time strategy game in which the protagonist is a heroine. The game will have online duels and soundtrack involved Skywalker Sound."

Submission note: Please see source link for article, since The Magic Box cannot have the day's news approved due to their site structure.

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GWAVE4403d ago

Let's watch the media play this up as the biggest news of the year...

ThanatosDMC4403d ago

AH! I want this game! but on my PS3.... BUT I WANT THIS GAME!

360 got a good game from SE... i hope SE doesnt F-up this one. I loved wasting hours of my time tweaking my mechs from FM3-5 or whatever the latest game they had.

Dragun6194403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

It makes me wonder when will SqaureEnix or Wada ever learn?

Why do they put their money on the Xbox360 when clearly they can profit more on PS3. Seriously, they bring out a Blu ray movie with just a demo and it goes on to sell close to 300k in its first week in japan. Thats twice the amount of what Star Ocean 4 Last hope sold in its first week in japan (166k).

It annoys me how SE takes a Franchise that's been known to be with the PS brand and just put it on XBox360 Exclusively. First Star Ocean and now Frontal Mission. I Seriously hope SE has something planned for us PS3 owners this year cuz if they don't then I think its a real dam shame.

Kushan4403d ago

To be fair, Front Mission is another fairly big series from Squeenix that goes back a few console generations all the way back to the NES. This will be the 7th game in the main series. 7th!
Not saying it's the biggestgameofalltime, it's a fairly niche game (Real-time strategy RPG?), but it'll certainly boost sales of the 360 in Japan and I'll consider picking it up eventually myself.

Chubear4403d ago

Seems like most 360 fans don't even have a clue about this game but if it's a hint of exclusivity or "steal" an exclusive from the PS then they'll foam at the mouth.

FM is not an RPG. It has RPG like elements but at it's core it's a Turned Based Strategy game. Sure does look like SE is making it clear they're down with MS a lot more than they are with Sony's PS.

dcbronco4403d ago

While people in America don' care, if they're on version 7, people in Japan seem to. So it's a good move for MS. And for people thinking Square is somehow losing money by not making games for the PS3 instead, do you really believe MS isn't making this worth their while. Square would be out of business, like so many others lately, if MS wasn't either providing them with cash for these games or making enough sales to profit. This is a business to the companies involved, not charity.

BLuKhaos4403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

This is going to be one of the many games I will be pirating once I get a 360,whenever that would be.

I did not murder him4403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

I don't think reading the comments of 4 or 5 360 fans in here can back up your wild claim. Xbox fans are a mix of different console fan bases from past generations. I guess I can also say the hint of *exclusivity* or *being stolen* is also attracting people in the Playstation camp that don't know what this game's about or are in here attacking the devs and the game because they see hint of *exclusivity* or being *stolen* ;)

With all due respect your comment is ignorant, there are 4 or 5 360 only fans in here and the Text in the post hints at nothing of the sort, the game is simply coming to 360.

SE isn't allowing Microsoft to steal anything from the Playstation brand to begin with. SE is seeking Microsoft out trying to make money using the xbox platform and make a name for themselves. The company has been wanting success in the west like Capcom and NAMCO BANDAI has. SE has said this almost 3 years ago in a big interview.

Bnet3434403d ago

Nice! I loved Front Mision on SNES. That's the only one I played. I little hard, but it was good.

vhero4403d ago

also coming to ps3 so really not that good for 360 owners... but with more character and levels etc... dont believe me? wait till about 6 months after launch!

littletad4403d ago

Here we go again with the "That franchise is ours" whine from overzealous Sony fans.

SONY DID NOT INVENT GAMES, nor did they invent the franchises we love. Sigh... Honestly though, I do hope it goes multiplatform.

Narutone664403d ago

It's SE, they want to make the most profit for their franchise. Sure hope this have multi-player online and if this ever comes to the PS3, have cross platform battle. The more people who can enjoy this game the merrier.

reonkaze4402d ago

R u retarded man, microsoft bail square out of going bankruptcy, don't make me laugh. Square have only been financially poor 2 times in there entire history and it wasnt bailed out by microsoft. Final fantasy 1 bailed them the first time in the 80s when the was a new company and sony bailed them out on the other when there hollywood movie cause them to lose millions. Ever since square merged with enix , square havent really been in any trouble, and to prove that point square have purchase many companies to build there empire, no thanx to microsoft. The reality is this square sells less software on xbox then ps system, THIS is a FACT, however microsoft also pumps alot cash into square for exclusives, also fact. Once microsoft stop there spending spree let see how loyal square really is to them. There so called western expansion is the reason to port it over to xbox is complete bullshit, if that was the case wii would have a hell of alot more support than xbox. Honestly square is only digging themselves a grave by alienating the platforms that made them famous, nintendo and sony. For you DCbronco STFU is in order no. As for front mission, like the games but honestly i would rather see a full blown title than a damn side quest or a remake, plus hopefully they release it here cause the last one didn't.

SkyGamer4402d ago

Why do sony fanboys think that SE should stay loyal to sony? Did they stay loyal to Nintendo? SE is their own company and they can do whatever they want. They are a business and I am sure they have thought out the risk-management. Even if their games do not sell as much, I am sure that MS is fitting the development bill and so it does not cost them much money to make a game so when they do only sell 136,000 copies of a game, Opening Day, they probably have already made profit. Personally, I would not be suprised if MS bought out SE as SE is clearly looking to expand into the West with the purchase of Eidos. They are clearly looking several years down the road and not just the present time.

reonkaze4402d ago

if ure comment is directed toward me, then here's my answer. Never said that square has to be loyal to anyone, in actuality multiplatform is the way to go , however square is alienating the fans that loves there games and by doing so creating a hostile situation where square will have to deal with reduced amount of fans. Not saying that final fantasy won't sell cause it will or front mission, however in the long run its more profitable for them to keep all fans on all platforms happy. Microsoft buying square out? You sir r also retarded microsoft currently don't have the assets or at least within reason to pull a purchase on square. Second in japan being bought out by a western company is not looked well upon. third even when you see the fact that xbox gets more exclusive from square than sony's getting, the business relationship is stronger on sony side because of cross promotion in not only games but the entire lineup from anime to music. Sony also owns a small percentage of square, not enough to make a difference but enough to influence the directions.

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gambare4403d ago

well.... it's announced on 360 for now and there is no info about this being multi, besides there was an info of SE about an exclusive title for the 360, so it could be this one.

Raoh4404d ago

go to hell square enix.... this is one of my favorite franchises

i can play it on my 360, no problem but i would rather play it on my ps3 and i know its eitehr a full on exclusive to the 360 or a long term timed exclusive..

i dont like giving my money to EA and it looks like square will be another company i wont be giving my money to.. i will be proud to download the game for free...

I did not murder him4403d ago

If this game was multi platform why would you wan't to play it on your PS3? I guess why feel differently about the two consoles we own.

GiantEnemyCrab4403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

Even 360 owners don't want games on the platform, they want them on the PS3. WTF is wrong with this statement??

You own a 360 yet you won't buy any more of their games because they put games on one of the system you own? WTF?

Jesus man, sell your 360 and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Raoh4403d ago

LOL you guys misunderstand. i have an original xbox 360. its loud. its prone to issues, its been fixed for rrod, its had dvd read issues, it just recently had a video issuei fixed myself. i ran out of LIVE Gold and have to buy another years subscription, it has no hdmi (not that hdmi is needed for all games but i like how my entertainment center is set up with little to no cables dont even need a dvd player any more i got rid of them)

while netflix is on 360 and not on ps3 i use playon for netflix and hulu, it avoids having the 2 hour wait per device from netflix streams. i can watch a netflix movie on my ps3 my son can watch another movie on the 360 etc at the same time and no issues.

my ps3 is quite. i have blu ray movies i watch. and i love my ps3 only games. so its no surprise that i use my ps3 more than my 360.

so when i say i would prefer to buy it on my ps3. why is that a negative thing? a game franchise i love is coming out.. but i cant play it on the console i PREFER.

i have a few friends that prefer the 360, i prefer the ps3. why wouldnt i want a game i love on my console of choice?

yet yall argument to me is who cares play it on your 360.. oh i will.. i will download it and play it on my non hdmi, loud, hardware failure prone 360 if i really have to.

with that said, there are games on the 360 i love. left 4 dead, lost odyssey, etc its not that i dont play 360 games or multiplatform games on my 360.. but if its a game i really really enjoy i prefer it on the console i use the most that i rely on the most.

front mission is not a game you play for an hour and move on. you play it for hours.. you could play for hours and lose your battle and have to start over.. i play my 360 for hours i get worried and shut it off to let it cool off. i play my ps3 for hours and dont worry about it, i keep going, then i watch a movie on it right after, and dont worry if i fall asleep while the ps3 is on.

so again to the fanboys calling me a fanboy, yes, a game that i really like that can be played for hours on end, i would prefer to play it on my ps3. why is that a problem for me to say that?

Raoh4403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

Oh and to add why i said go to hell square enix. they are talking out of the side of their mouth. they speak about multiplatform but only subscrip to the church of exclusivity.

i have no respect for them.

let me flip that around.

valve said they will not make ps3 games. at least they chose a side. and stuck to it. on top of that valve gets my respect as a developer. they make great games still. square does not.

i would spend money on valve. i can at least count on them caring about making great games and making money. unlike square who only seems to like money. all these squares games the last two years and none of them are any good. unless its a handheld game.

Raoh4403d ago

LOL nothing but disagrees.. how suprising


it's only my opinion.. some way my opinion must of offended a few of you


orakga4403d ago

Two mistakes being made by SE:

1) RTS??? I've yet to see a good RTS on console. (Halo Wars included) They should try to stick to the turn-based design... I mean Front Mission Alternative tried to do the whole RTS thing back on the PS1 and it... kinda didn't work.

2) 360 Exclusive? God... something really bad must have happened between SE and Sony a year ago. It's like they're determined to screw Sony even at the cost of shooting themselves in the foot.

Yeah, I prefer to play my multiplats on the PS3 as well. My 360 just died last week for the FOURTH TIME, and I'm really really not looking forward to shelling out more money for a 5th system. And oh yes, that 360 is distractingly loud.

Why dis4403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

What would be surprising about seeing a bunch of trolls getting disagreed with, when bashing 360 news? lol

I did not murder him4403d ago

Correction. I guess "we" feel differently.

No one cares what you say give it up.

7thNightvolley4403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

@raoh, dude if u dont like ur 360 just sell it. and stick with ur ps3 no one is holding a gun to ur head.

Kushan4403d ago

orakga: You realise that this will be the 7th game in the front Mission series? You may not like this style of game, but evidently many people do.

orakga4403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

I believe you misread what I said.
I wasn't bashing the FM franchise.
It was the opposite. I like FM quite a lot. 4 was my favorite.

Instead, I was finding it odd that they are making the new game a REAL TIME strategy game as opposed to TURN-BASED strategy game. Only one of their games was ever made into a real-time-kinda game, and that was FMA. And FMA was... not very balanced.

Did you play FMA? I don't believe it was ever released in the US, but if you did, I'm sure you'll understand what I actually meant.

Raoh4403d ago

i dont completely hate my 360. like i said i do enjoy some of the games that are exclusive to the 360.

Square may not be delivering but i cant wait for more games from mistwalker who seems to also make only 360 games.

i'm not a big madden fan, so i'll download it for the 360. i'm a big front mission fan so i'd buy it for the ps3 if i had the choice. I'm not a big tales of fan, so i would stick to the 360 version.

as or RTS games, civilization Revolution was pretty good in my opinion. other than that the only other RTS on a console that was decent was warcraft on the ps2.

call of duty 4? no preference, both play great on both consoles and i play them both depending on which friends want to play that only own one console.

zoneofenders4403d ago

holy crap SE
they never learn...
or at least wada never learn.....

ThanatosDMC4403d ago

It's a great strategy game. Turn base like Final Fantasy Tactics or Ogre Battle BUT with mechs that you have parts that you can blow away. Not to mention it's about war and weapons of mass destruction, etc. There's always a love story.

But yeah, customization, tactics, and upgrading is the main hook of the game. Gotta love Double melee mechs!

TheRealSpy024403d ago

"i dont like giving my money to EA and it looks like square will be another company i wont be giving my money to.. i will be proud to download the game for free..."

so just to make sure i've got this right. you say in your very first statement this is one of your favorite franchises and that it's coming out on a system you own. but since it's not the system you want it to be on, you're thinking about boycotting the company?

and then you cry about disagrees? come on now... there is obviously a huge flaw in your thought process.

nice attempt at damage control in your multiple followup comments under your own thread. but you showed your true colors in the first statement.

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- Ghost of Sparta -4403d ago

Lol when will Square-Enix learn.

I did not murder him4403d ago

They'll get it right one of these days, they have Capcom to learn from hahaha.

DelbertGrady4403d ago

How do you mean? They chose to develop for the HD console with the larger install base and better software attach ratio, which in turn equals more people will buy and play their game. What is there to learn?

Can't wait to see more of this. Front Mission III is one of my all-time favorite srpgs. Awesome stuff!

Godmars2904403d ago

Except that in Japan the console with the larger install base is the PS3 and FM has never been a "killer app" franchise. Its the Ace Combat of strategic turn based mech games, of which it is the only one of. FM 3 & 4 weren't even blips in the US game market, which is why we never saw FM5. Also probably why Square's "taking it in a new direction".

Enate4403d ago

You need to learn the difference between a potential market versus what actually happens. A higher install base potentially should mean more sales. However we clearly know from past an present experience, that a higher install base does not guarantee higher sales automatically.

DelbertGrady4403d ago

Japan is a much smaller market than the US and Europe though. I don't care if the franchise is big or not, I'm just looking forward to playing it since I loved FM 3.

Lucreto4403d ago

There is no ponit on developing on a machine with more consoles when no one buys the games on the machine. LO was the only game that sold on the 360 in the US.

The rest barely sold over 100,000 in the US.

It is like SE want to go out of business and I expect another loss in its gaming division but I expect that FFVIIAC and that PSP game will improve the figures.

pippoppow4403d ago

Sony owns a part of SE and still SE keeps coming out with exclusive/ timed exclusive games for the 360. Sure Sony profits from SE sales but one has to wonder what is going on internally. Usually a company wants to make stock holders happy let alone minority owners. Sony should invest in other powerhouse RPG studios like Level5 and Atlus because if they keep stubbornly supporting the 360 like the way they have they will be in bad shape eventually financially. FF/DQ/KH games will sell well but all it does it make up for the lack of low performing software sales of their games released for the 360. If one of those top franchises should fail in sales then SE would be in serious trouble.

Godmars2904403d ago

"I'm just looking forward to playing it since I loved FM 3."

As would I, if not for Square and MS trying to manipulate small fan bases into buying a 360.

You rally aren't listening: its a niche that would do better as a multiplatform. Not some mega-hit that going to pull in millions day-one.

Raoh4403d ago

i too wish sony would work more directly with Atlus for PS3 games. Atlus seems to be taking the easy route by sticking to psp and ps2.

JD_Shadow4403d ago

FFVII Advent Children blu ray sold a lot of copies because of the FF13 demo in Japan being with it.

SE declared they were going multiplat.

And we've YET to see them release a PS3 game of ANY kind, exclusive or not, while they make 360 game after 360 game.

We don't know if SO4 is truly an exclusive or not. No one is talking about TLR on the PS3.

PLEASE tell me that you see the lack of logic there.

Simply put, SE is being run by one of the biggest slimeballs in Youchi Wada, and this lying to the gaming public has to be called out by SOMEONE, but whoever says something about it gets dismissed as a "fanboy blog".

It's alright to support the 360, but you have to hold your word that you are going multiplat and not doing this BS, which is what Raoh is trying to say.

Of course, I don't expect you to really get or care to get what he is saying.

Mikerra174403d ago

see today was the first time i have ever heard of this franchise just like alot of other people (and Im a hardcore gamer) Im sure that in Japan these games are huge, and to put it on the xbox exclusively is simply retarded (for Square enix, not for necessarily for M$)

The game will proabably sell well because the 360 dont have any other games coming out this year, Im hoping it will go multiplatform so I can see what its all about but im not holding my breath

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Hiruma Youchi4403d ago

Magna Carta 2
NintyNine Nights 2

front Mission Evolved


GiantEnemyCrab4403d ago

Really digging the Magna Carta 2 trailer.. 360 JRPG's keep rollin.

Seyr4403d ago

This is rather offtopic but i fail to see how anyone can feel excited about Magna Carta 2 .
The first one was frankly one of the worst RPGs on the PS2 with probably the most terrible battle system of the lot.

7thNightvolley4403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

*calls 911*

%%hello this is the police how can i held u?%%

i want to report an assault...

%%what is the matter%%

My wallet has be heavily raped

2009 the year to be happy when asked to bend over. :D

maxcer4403d ago

by that logic killzone2 must suckshit right? durrr...

sinny4403d ago

5.4 did you play Magna Carta for PS2? The gameplay was really one of the worst ever.
But , the more rpgs the better , the 360 will have a lot of options in rpgs to chose from

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