Guild Wars Celebrates Their Fourth Year in Style

This Tuesday, April 28th, Guild Wars will be turning 4 years old. In true ArenaNet fashion, the game has kicked off an epic event that will last until Noon on April 29th.

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Gun_Senshi3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

and not even original source that is

What was going to happen starting from 23rd and the event already started and I am particpating right now was known in offical guild wars site from 16th april

So, not only this story is old, duplicate, not original, but also wrong because the event already started not on 28th

tardmask you cannot even post real news.

ps921173462d ago

I want Guild Wars on me ps3 right now, come on NCsoft make it happen.

Gun_Senshi3462d ago

requirements for PC are low and yet its graphical :) try it free on offical site


I would love to see Guild Wars on consoles not only PS3 becuse im collecting achievements :) Anyway it would be possible to change skills with D-pad or something Guild Wars is the kind of game that could work on console compared to WoW.