Ripten Preview: Section 8 Solves Three of Your Favorite FPS's Problems

Ripten Writes:

They're not calling themselves a "Halo Killer" but it seems that many of the main features in Section 8 were created in response to what annoyed them, and probably annoy you, about established FPS franchises like Halo and Battlefield.

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GiantEnemyCrab3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

The last thing this game wants to be associated with is anything "Halo killer". This looks like a poor clone of Halo already with even poorer graphics than Halo 3. What are developers thinking these days? This is the last mediocre/shovel ware type of FPS the 360 needs.

They've shown barely any game play and everything from the trailer to the pics have all been either CGI or bullshots.

evrfighter3462d ago

If this were to compared with anything. It reminds me of crysis as someone below me stated.

ChozenWoan3462d ago

Ten years ago there was a cool FPS/TPS with huge indoor/outdoor terrain, jetpacks, vehicles, plenty of deployables, plenty of char customization, and my favorite... mods.

To this day I haven't found a game that matches what Tribes did for the FPS/TPS genre. Warhark is great and is about as close as I've found, but it's still not on the same level as the original Tribes.

Hopefully, this game will bring a lot of the best of Tribes features back into the mainstream, heck maybe even expand upon it in some ways. However I am reserving judgment until I see some actual gameplay.

morganfell3463d ago

Ripten pimping a game? If they recommend it then the game already has an issue.

ShabzS3463d ago

pls stop using the term halo killer... my god every fps gets hyped to be made a halo killer. coz odst could actually be the next halo killer.. or halo suicide if u will

HDgamer3463d ago

It's multiplatform and well they look like the suits from crysis.

DelbertGrady3463d ago

I thought the trailer looked really cool, and I'm interested in seeing some gameplay from it.

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