Namco Bandai To Launch New Arcade Boards Using PlayStation 3 Technology

Fighting game "Tekken 6" will go on sale later this year as the first arcade game using Sony's PlayStation 3 technology, game developer Namco Bandai Games Inc. announced Monday.

"Tekken 6" will be available for amusement parks and other game arcade facilities worldwide, but the company has not decided on the exact launch date for that game or others that will follow, using Sony's latest game technology, Namco Bandai spokeswoman Miki Baba said.

Tokyo-based Namco Bandai, Japan's second largest toy and game business group and maker of the "Ridge Racer" and "Pac Man" games, has previously used the predecessor PlayStation 2 technology to develop arcade versions of games, Baba said.

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techie4758d ago

I'm scared that all the cells will join together and get conscious, aka The Terminator...

Violater4758d ago

Namco - Bandai seem to be on both sides of the console war fence alot lately.
We need some more info as to what is really going on, until then they might as well be like Capcom and other third party devs in my book.