The Portable Gamer Review: Flower Garden for iPhone

TPG writes: "I'm a man. I love sports. I love explosions. I watched the new Crank movie and thought it was perhaps the greatest thing ever. I love games with guns and explosions. And yet somehow, a game about growing flowers has tugged at my heartstrings. Flower Garden, you have unlocked the key to my heart."

The review also contains an exclusive code to unlock a secret flower to grow in the game, the TuliP Gameora. Read the review to find out the code.

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killyourfm3463d ago

TPG just tweeted that this could be the most hardcore game on the iPHone? So obviously now I'm intrigued...

bgrundman3463d ago

I hardly picture a game about gardening to be hardcore... :-S

reluctant_gamer3463d ago

It looks awesome. For some reason I always like games like this. And since I can't grow anything in real life...

Kaecyus3463d ago

This, plus the baby shaking game, proves you can make a game out of anything.

Xbox 360 developers, take note: I don't /have/ to have a gun in my hand.

supercharger51503463d ago

LOVING that there is a special TPG flower to unlock!!!