Final Fantasy Advent Children Sells 274k

Everyday Playstation: "The action packed CG film Final Fantasy: Advent Children has sold a sweet 274,000 units in Japan, for its first week in retail. Many of you know that Advent Children was packed with an hour long demo of Final Fantasy XIII. Not only did Advent Children sell well, but so did the PS3. The Playstation 3 has seen a week over week increase of 42,000 units in Japan."

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XxSolid SnakexX3468d ago

Sony and SE should be very pleased and this should mean more rpgs for the ps3 :)

kewlkat0073467d ago

...Not that was expected.

Prototype3467d ago

*Waiting on some 360 fanboy to go on about how Halo 3 sold more*

I know a japanese guy (hes on my friends list however I'll only say part of his name ruki.....) who plays the 13 demo more than he did Biohazard 5 (resident evil 5 here) and he played that game for 12 hours a night; even gave me some screenshots and some type of wall paper for 13.

He also mentioned something about a brotha (yes I am black if you haven't noticed) being cut from the game however he say SE did a good job though with 13 and at least give it a try. I'm still upset at SE for a lot of the changing they've done recently; and no I'm not talking about exclusive 360 games but a lot of the main people who made their games left for other companies and that alone says something...

Argento-Nox3467d ago


Actually, not every FF title has sold well. FF Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time for the Wii did terrible numbers in it's 1st week in Japan, it did just over 20K, while the DS version did about 100K.

panasonic233468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

damn it sold more than flopzone 2 in japan lol

silverchode3468d ago

so much fail in that comment

ultimolu3468d ago

silverchode, leave this bot to drown in his delusions.

ScorpianusNoir3468d ago

While this may be just a short lived thing, it is impressive none the less.

Sony needs to keep releasing new things over in Japan, they need to stay fresh in the minds of the buyers.

dericb113468d ago

I will get a ton of disagrees with this but oh well.

These sells numbers for a demo prove that SE could have sold more games of the PS3. Regardless of how much MS paid them or your wanted to move to the West, this is where your money is first and foremost. If SE wants to set up shop in the U.S the best way is to sell at home first and use that money. Cause the way you have been doing it is making the company look bad and fans are worried if you lose your magic.

Just like the NFL, NBA and MLB. The easiest wins are always at home. Not in all cases but most of them the home team may win.

Finalfantasykid3467d ago

Ya everything Square Enix has made so far for Microsoft has failed as far as I can remember(please correct me if I am wrong).

And yet the few things that SE have made for Sony alone have done better than pretty much everything that they have done for MS. I think Yoichi Wada needs to stop going on acid trips and start making games where the money is...

ScorpianusNoir3467d ago

SquareEnix wants to enter the western world and they have even bought a studio in Cali. He is the one taking the compnay in the wrong direction.

His job as the head of the company is to make a profit, and by taking on the largest market , the opportunity is there, but to exclude the market that has been most profitable for you is wrong.

NateNater3467d ago

Wah Wah Wee Wow! Great Success!

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