Gamer 2.0: UFC 2009: Undisputed Impressions

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is one of today's most popular mixed martial-arts organizations. With their success, it was inevitable that someone would try to translate the sport into some sort of game. There have been several attempts at this, but all of them have failed to really capture the look, feel, and most importantly, the full range of techniques in a UFC fight. THQ and Yukes are the latest to give this a try, and with close involvement from the UFC it is looking like they've created a game that MMA fans will really enjoy.

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CaptainKratos4091d ago

only problem is its hard to pull off a submission.and chuck is too powerful in this demo.i kick my brothers ass with chuck and then i chose shogun and got my ass kicked.also when your almost out and hes punching you and all you could do is block,i dont know if you can fully recover.has anyone fully recovered during that time? overall the demo's fun.