Which games will EA bring to E3?

EA has revealed which games will be present at this year's E3.

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ThanatosDMC3465d ago

I'm with you there Ghost. I'm hoping we explore a bigger place with a lot more different types of messed up aliens. But i kinda wish there were more survivors that we can see get killed on the sequel. Remember how the soldiers got ownt in a flash during the intro of the game before you even got the gun? Yeah, i wish they'd put up more of a fight before getting killed.

onijutsu3465d ago

hopefully that "more" content includes an ssx game for the ps360

Szarky3465d ago

Mirror's Edge 2 and Dead Space 2!!!

Probably too early for sequels for those... maybe next year.

lord_of_balrogs3465d ago

Dragon Age Origins
Dante’s Inferno
Mass Effect 2
NHL ‘10
Brütal Legend

These are the one's I care about.

Anyone recemmend Battlefield BC? I might pick it up now.

fan_of_gaming3465d ago

yupp Battlefield: Bad Company is a fun game, mind you i only played the single-player campaign but that part was enjoyable. It's only $19.99 too so you can't go wrong.

lsujester3465d ago

Is there still an online community to play with? I haven't played in sooo long.

Persistantthug3465d ago


I just recently started playing BF:BC online (I had been neglecting it because I'm enjoing GTA 4 online so much......I'm a fairly new PS3 owner) on PS3 and it seems to be pretty busy.
It's kinda hard though.

Persistantthug3465d ago

Madden 2010 might be a safe bet.

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The story is too old to be commented.