Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta NOT Exclusive to Best Buy

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"So for all of you who already have pre-ordered inFamous already (good thinking!), you won't be left in the cold, or be forced to frantically run to Best Buy in hopes of nabbing a pre-order."

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Straight Life3489d ago

I know reviewers would cry about Uncharted 2 having no multiplayer, but now since it has one, AAA confirmed.

WhittO3488d ago

lol i can just see it now:

"Having Multi-player in the game somehow makes the Single player campaign less important and less fun, there is simply too much variety of gameplay to play through, 7.5"

lol wouldn't surprise me, they will always find something to pick at.

Either way, Uncharted 2 was already at the top of my list of games this year and now its gone even higher, CANT WAIT!!!

(i also think Insomniac will help Naughty Dog with the online so im sure it will turn out to be as great as R2/R1 lag-free online)

MrJack3488d ago

Great for NA users, but does anyone know if we in the UK/EU will get a similar offer, or will the codes be distributed via Eurogamer?

FamilyGuy3488d ago

I went to gamestop yesterday to pre-order infamous and he told me they'd be having the codes for the early demo, so im like what about the ability i read id get here that it talks about online, he said "you get both, but only while supplies last and we have no idea when they're coming or how many we'll get".

It good and it sucks at the same time. This uncharted thing is a new thing altogether. Imagine, one pre-order and you get, gigawatt blades, early infamous demo, AND Uncharted 2 demo/multi-player beta test code?

Would be awesome.

Sev3489d ago

BTW Uncharted 2 having multiplayer, and there being a beta test with inFamous were the "Major Uncharted 2 Announcements" we were talking about earlier this week.


WhittO3488d ago

Ye, except someone broke the rules and it got leaked early, i bet it makes you feel like ignoring what Sony say and just announcing everything you know beforehand lol.

I hope Sony follow up on all these leaks otherwise there is not point in having all of these contracts etc.

MainEv3nt 693489d ago

i think the beta is going to be on the disk or a code in the retail box

Sev3489d ago

It's a voucher code. That is a definite.

DoucheVader3489d ago

I am very curios to see if it's story related at all. Honestly I wouldn't mind playing Uncharted Multiplayer at all even if it's tacked on. It would be way cooler if they worked some elements of the single player game into the multiplayer somehow.

Marceles3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

As long as they don't lose sight of what made the original great, they can add anything they want

swiftshot933489d ago

the best I can hope for at this point is that the multiplayer is being handled by a different team. Naughty Dog excel at single player, and I dont want anything to be hampering development on single player.

Sev3489d ago

Well, there was some chatter about Insomniac, and Guerrilla meeting with Naughty Dog recently. Maybe they were getting some tips/advice on multiplayer.
If they can even come close to the MP experience that Insomniac, or Guerrilla has given us, then Uncharted 2 MP = Hell Yeah.

WhittO3488d ago

Insomniac are like the experts for online lol, they helped GG with K2 online and im sure they will help Naughty-dog (since i remember reading somewhere them 2 companies work quite closely).

I hope Insomniac gets help also, they could have the perfect Single player campaign with the help of GG or ND! and also help with graphics improvement.

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The story is too old to be commented.