First and second party titles and the PlayStation3 reports: "Now, in the PlayStation 3 era the third party situation has become a lot more competitive. Sony has had to face the loss of titles that were previously exclusive to the PlayStation format as publishers seek to make their titles as profitable as possible by producing them for the (currently) more ubiquitous Xbox 360 and the cheaper to develop for, but very popular Wii. The most obvious recent example is Devil May Cry 4 becoming multi-format. I doubt it will be the last title either; it's a sign of the $20million+ development cycle. So Sony is screwed right?"

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techie4813d ago

The only reason I would splash out on a ps3.

r10004813d ago

Thats why I've always like Sony... sure MS has some big names games.. but it's the ones that we don't even know of that are being developled from Sony that all of sudden appear and are huge hits that make it a good buy..

jwatt4813d ago

I want to see Socom and Gow on the ps3 and I think the team behind Socom is making a game right now but we don't know if it's Socom though. Ratchet is going to be nice too but I know they have more games we don't know about.

Torch4813d ago (Edited 4813d ago )

the consistent onslaught of unsubstantiated criticism doesn't even phase me. The PS3 has shown to be an entertaining, and vastly intricate and sophisticated system thus far...and incredibly rock-solid to boot (I turned off the unit only an hour ago this morning, following a five-day long, non-stop marathon of [email protected] number-crunching, video-gaming, moving-playing, and picture-viewing, without the slightest flicker of problems or issues.)

It's incredibly ironic, because, as many critics fail to realize, if it weren't such a significant and influential machine, it wouldn't be receiving all the publicity and attention (whether positive or negative) it does.

Sony's crown jewel hasn't even BEGUN to stretch its legs yet, and when it does, its gonna be an incredible sight to see.

So who cares...let's have all camps enjoy multi-platform gaming and be merry while the opportunity still allows. Games are becoming insanely expensive to develop, and the the costs need to be reaped somehow.

I do venture to predict, however, that the natural progression cycle and evolving learning curve of coding for the PS3 will ultimately lead to securing the development of exclusive 3rd-party titles for the system partly because they will only be made possible on the PS3's platform, and by it's enhanced technology...content which is quite simply not renderable on today's other console systems.

This is only my opinion; bash it if you must, as that's what many of you do best. Realize, however, that doing so will only help reinforce your status an insecure fanatical putz.

Constructive criticism and arguements, on the other hand, are always more than welcomed.

(I now retreat to my corner and quietly but eagerly continue my count-down for the release date of PS3's Splinter Cell: Double Agent)

calderra4813d ago

...and Microsoft has Halo, Gears of War, Mass Effect, Blue Dragon, Lost Oddyssey (and so on).
...and Nintendo has (do I even need to say it?)

The #1 reason to own ANY console is for the exclusive content. It's just a question of which exclusives you want most (or can afford, heh).

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