Webzen and Massive to Provide Ingame Advertising

Massive Incorporated and WEBZEN Inc. today announced plans to provide in-game advertising to two of the global publisher's most anticipated massively multiplayer online games (MMOG's). The agreement marks Massive's entry in the Asian market and WEBZEN's first services to provide in-game advertising.

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PublicDeviance6185d ago

Hey, maybe the deal with massive is to try and keep some mmo's free by using ingame ad's. not as many gamers are willing to spend a monthly fee in addition to xbox live fee, so that would be greatly appreciated. just try and keep the ad's realistic as to what you would really see if you were there in the simulated world. (i.e. you cant just put a bunch of ad's for a new gaming headset coming out for a game based in the 1930's) in that case, maybe show a brief 30 second commercial after you log in. as annoying as that sounds, it is worth watching to keep a mmo fee free.