9 Reasons Why You Should Spend £425 on PS3, By a girl...

Katherine Hannaford has put forward nine reasons as to why the people of UK should part with £425 in order to acquire the PS3.

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SuperSaiyan44757d ago

Why you should NOT buy one...

sixaxis4756d ago

You must approve this story, The last one was 8 Reasons Not to Buy a PS3, By a girl. This is totally different story. Themart just plays with it, because he hates ps3. and he dont want to hear anything good about this console. One more time Approve this story!!!!!!!!

Rasputin20114756d ago

I gave this my approval as I know it is not a duplicate.

Violater4756d ago

I need to get myself a website, and post stuff.
199 ways to get attention will be my first article. Lol

Ps3Fanboy7774756d ago

Seriously get rid of this.

BIadestarX4756d ago

I think as a gamer I only care about 2.
1) As of today, does it have better/more games than the alternative xbox 360?
2) As of today, does it offer better online multiplayer capabilities?

The rest of the it's future proof nonesence; I leave that to the non-gamers.

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The story is too old to be commented.