Atlus website hacked; sends warning to visitors of

Game publisher Atlus sent a message for any visitors who may have gone to today, April 24th. It wasn't the usual cheery message Atlus fans are accustomed to receiving. The website from Atlus was hacked and could have spread some "malicious software" to today's visitors.

From Atlus:

"Dearest fans of Atlus,

Today (4/24/2009), our web domain ( was hacked and compromised. A third-party entity embedded malicious code into the script, and regretfully, for a period of a few hours (from roughly 9:00am PST until 2:30pm PST), this malicious software (which we believe we have identified as a Trojan) may have made its way onto your systems."

Read the full notice from Atlus here.

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- Ghost of Sparta -3464d ago

I'm going to assume that angry Square-Enix fans are responsible for this attack. They refuse to accept that Square-Enix aren't what they used to be anymore and that there's a new sheriff in town.