IGN: Why The Conduit's Controls are Unparalleled

It's just about over. The long journey to the June 23 ship date of The Conduit, High-Voltage Software's cutting-edge Wii-exclusive first-person shooter. The ambitious project, designed to prove that there is such an audience for a hardcore shooter on Nintendo's console, is wrapping up development as you read this. IGN broke the news on the game last year and they have been covering it steadily since.

As they head into the final stretch, IGN caught up with the developer's chief creative office, Eric Nofsinger, to chat once more about one of the game's greatest strengths: its intuitive control setup. Naturally, they have also posted a huge batch of new screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

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CBaoth3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

Thank you for what I've been saying for years. GIVE ME MY OWN DAMN CONTROL SCHEME! PCers have had this option for decades and I can't understand why console developers think they know better how I want to play their game. It's arrogance, it's pretentious, it's just BS. Example BF:BC - who the h e L L decided mapping the crouch function to the R3 was a sound idea? I don't claim to be developer or even an internet dev :), but isn't it a bigger waste of time and money to code 5 different control schemes rather than a customizable option?

P.S. And yes I know games like RFOM and even HAZE offer mappable options. I'm saying this needs to be standardized for all genres, across all systems.

rambi803465d ago

i'm tempted to buy this based on the quality of the interview alone

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bigjclassic3465d ago

Its gonna make a big splash, unless High Voltage screws this up.
There are alot of Wii gamers that play FPS and I have a feeling this is gonna be the shooter for the Wii.

SinnedNogara3465d ago

1. Because High Voltage cares about their fans.
2. From what I have seen, the gameplay is glitchless.
3. The game has AMAZING graphics. If I could compare a Xbox 360 launch title (or R: FoM) and compare it with this game, I think this game would win. I need to do a direct comparison, but from what I think.
4. Great conspiracy laid story.


Microsoft Xbox 3603465d ago

Don't kid yourself. Conduit doesn't stand a chance against launch title 360/PS3 games.