8 Reasons Not to Buy a PS3, By a girl......

Katherine Hannaford has put forward eight reasons as to why the people of UK should not buy the PS3.

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techie4755d ago

haha and the 9 reasons to buy it dont get posted. lovely.

I agree with 1, 2, 4,

Violater4755d ago

does crap like this get posted?
Cmon. someone find me some relevant news.

Black Republican4755d ago

She had some good points, not that I agree with all of them.

I wonder if some ppl would consider this crap just because she is a female???

Karebear4755d ago

This site is really bad about leg humping when it comes to posting new things. I'm surprised I haven't been asked for an exclusive interview yet LOL!

StrboyM4755d ago

not worth me giving a serious ill just say.....I think shes hot. Id like to plug my joystick in her j/k

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The story is too old to be commented.