Multiplayer Goes On Hiatus

MTV Multiplayers Stephen Totilo Writes:

Dear readers,
Since its launch, the MTV Multiplayer blog has been held to a high standard. The team, past and present, has been flattered by the expectations of all of you, who have pushed us to provide the best games reporting and criticism that we could manage.
Because April 24 is my last day, and because our search for the best team to continue Multiplayer is underway but not yet complete, we're putting the blog on hiatus.
MTV has had a fierce commitment to video games for years. Look for it to continue. I've worked with the company these last two weeks to point Multiplayer toward a bright future and I'm excited about the possibilities. Give the blog a couple of weeks… and join me in anticipating its return.
As I depart, I'd like to thank Tracey John for her wonderful work as Multiplayer's other blogger. I'm proud of our team and the support we've had from MTV.
-Stephen Totilo

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omodis4203466d ago

That sucks. Goodbye MTV

Parapraxis3466d ago

Best of luck to Stephen.