Eidos confirms Joker as PS3 exclusive playable character

April 23, 2009 - Eidos Interactive and Warner Bros. announced today that the Joker will be a playable character in the upcoming title Batman: Arkham Asylum - but only on the PlayStation 3. Joker will be available at the game's launch as a free downloadable item on the PlayStation Store. The press release notes that he will only be available for use in the Challenge Maps, so don't expect a massive single-player campaign associated with the legendary villain.

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GWAVE3462d ago

So basically this article is 100% BS:


FarEastOrient3462d ago

The other one was bull$hit, since it would be going against the release from the makers themselves.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3462d ago


Yes I did read the article

7ero H3LL3462d ago

"he will only be available for use in the Challenge Maps"

.......challenge maps huh, like anyone would really be a die hard fan of batman's Challenge Maps more than the actual campaign.

Ausbo3462d ago

i am a single console owner but i am not going to cry that they got something the 360 doesn't have like the rest of the people on this website. It is actually nice to see some dlc exclusive to the ps3 to shut some people up.

MAiKU3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Yeah 'cause nobody likes re-playability in a video game. *sarcasm*

SCThor3462d ago

damage control at it's best uh? Nice try.

Bnet3433462d ago

I'm sure a lot of PS3 fans are jumping for this. I know I am.

ThanatosDMC3462d ago

This is not gonna sit well with some people. I doubt i'll be getting this game. I hate the fact that super heroes dont kill their enemies. I bet im not the only one that feels like that.

Like Jet Li or Jackie Chan movies... they kicks their asses but they rarely finish them off... that just gives them the chance to retaliate. Then the ending becomes predictable which is what pisses me off the most.

Where was i going with this? Oh yeah, this game better go with the actual comics... now that was brutal... though i think he only killed one person but they played it off more as an accident.

ps3d03462d ago

Like a devs word is worth a damn. SE FF13 exclsuive to ps3 (4 years later oh wait its coming to the 360), Namco Tekken 6 exclusive to the ps3 again 4 year later oh wait its coming to the 360. Namco Darth Vader exlcusive to the ps3 oops nope will just going to make you pay extra for this. Sony no price drop 3 days later we're drop the price by $100. The list can go on and on about devs lieing to us

kevnb3462d ago

sorry just had too, even though I'm a playstation fan you have to admit that's exactly what a sony fanboy would say if it was xbox exclusive feature.

Sheikh Yerbouti3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

In principle I still hate exclusive DLC. I likely wouldn't get it for an XBox at all, although not having a playable character is a much less significant failing than a new map or extension of a campaign that Microsoft buys from 3rd party devs.

Eidos should do like SoulCalibur IV did with Yoda/Vader and have Robin/Nightwing as playable character in Arkham Asylum on the 360. That would be cool - and continue SCIV's theme of PS3/Xbox as evil/good.

BWS19823461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

little bonus for PS3 owners (like me), and I'm happy to see something finally swings in favor of extra content that way. I'm no fanboy, so I simply get disappointed when I hear 360 getting more content than me, but I still at least get the option to either get it anyways (sans DLC) or get it on PC (which is what I plan to do with my choice for Fallout 3, since I want to have the full story, I'm frustrated a PS3 version wouldn't give me that, I won't lie)....I made my choice in console, and I don't regret it, I'll just do without, get it for 360 when I eventually get one (which I want, I'm a gamer)...or get a PC version, no whining here.

I just wish that 360 only owners would stop saying this is hypocritical of PS3 owners, because we have no idea if Sony even paid any money for this, it could have been some sort of compromise with the Home advertisement or something, nobody knows the dollar amount, if any here, so it's foolish to say Sony is throwing money around. When they spend $50 million dollars on DLC and a year later lay off thousands of workers due to financial decline, then you can bad-mouth a company. I'm sorry, but I think MS put this "war" ahead of its own employees, and that's not cool.

Jinxstar3461d ago

@ BWS...

The 360 does get extra content at times. But it's not free like this. It all has a price tag added onto it. PS3 owners have gotten little things free here and there like the PS3 suit in Dead space and other things(Can't think of any atm but I know there are a few). Really we all get the same games (Arguable minor graphical differences from websites who never post details like PS3 setting and types of cables used and TV specs and such which lead to speculation and flame bait) but for the "Full" GTA experience you need to pay 20$... Honestly for a game I don't really plan on playing again due to it being a year old and little replay unless you like hunting down pigeons for days at a time... It's not worth it to me. Oh well it's pointless anymore. We get something free and... Gimmicky but still free...

MS's business strategy is a little off topic but I agree.

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callahan093462d ago

So which is it? This website has posted that it IS NOT and that it IS exclusive to PS3.

Baka-akaB3462d ago

Why would you ask wich it is ? has been basically confirmed at least twice officially between the ad in home in and eidos .
Twitters are just ... twitters .

Parapraxis3462d ago

360 gets the challenge rooms sans Joker
PS3 gets the challenge rooms with the Joker.

It's that simple.
Re-read the twitter post if you doubt it and you'll see it was a simple mis-understanding of what was said.
Whether the confusion it led to was intentional from the author or not is up in the air.

InfectedDK3462d ago

Lol do people read the story before reporting them?
This news is not a duplicate at all..

- Ghost of Sparta -3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

I approved it. People don't read anymore. They just see the title and report, without actually reading what was written.

MAiKU3462d ago

Oh you gotta love fanboys. :)

freshkid13462d ago

so it will sell more on ps3, who gives a f

InfectedDK3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Or maybe the dlc. will do better on PS3 because it's the only system with the dlc. I don't get your point.

Baka-akaB3462d ago

Well batman fans ? As a fan of the comics , I know i'd give my money to the version with the joker , if it was only the 360 one

- Ghost of Sparta -3462d ago

You do obviously, since you're posting here.

freshkid13462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

im not gonna buy this game any ways my carts filled up with mw2, uncharted 2 and mag, so mabey a rent...... is the dlc free?

* my bad just read it lol

FarEastOrient3462d ago

I have the most expensive collector's edition for a game on order, I thought we are in a recession yet Batman has a pretty interesting package coming out.

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DNAgent3462d ago

Exclusive AND FREE DLC.

Superior version on PS3 confirmed.

Shadow Man3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Xbox360s version of GTAIV and Fallout3 are the Superior versions.

Thank you for you confirmation. :D

tocrazed4you3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

I think what he meant was since this is a FREE DAY ONE DLC that why its superior. Not like fallout 3 and gta4 where you have to wait months and pay 10-20 bucks for it....

Lekumkee3462d ago

No, by his logic the PC version is better. Silly bot you'll never have the best version of anything....

MAiKU3462d ago

And by this so called logic 2 out of the three fabula nova crystalis final fantasy XIII games will be exclusively on the playstation family.

so our 3 to your 2 exclusives. Oh... and lets not forget eternal sonata and tales of vesperia extra exclusive content.

theKiller3462d ago

silly bots will never have the superior versions of anything, GTA4 and Fallout DLC came after almost a year and u had to pay for it, so there is no win in these cases!!!

PS3 always have free DLC and its free to play online.

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