Games for Windows - Live: Good or bad for PC gaming?

Games for Windows - Live, eh? Why, when we've been happily playing online PC games for years, do we need Microsoft to come along with a standardising service like this, some of which you have to pay for? Hell, I'm not going to touch that with a 10-foot barge pole, it's a complete pile of dog turd. Or is it?

Now that the dust has settled following Microsoft's announcement on Games for Windows - Live and it's all had a chance to sink in, you know what? On the whole, it's no bad thing.

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Nik4755d ago

We paid for the internet, we paid for the game now, we need to pay to make those 2 work together? I will never ever pay for Live on my pc.

THAMMER14755d ago

You just do not get ranked on line games free. The live service for PC gamers is better than it is for the console. The silver version is free on the Xbox but you do not get any form of online play. If your smart you will buy the subcription cards on line for around $25 - $30.

PS360WII4755d ago

Monopoly. Why else would MS bring Live to the PC world?

Not hating but that's what they had going for the longest time before so naturally they'll try and do it on other fronts of buisness.

Anyway Live on PC you can still play multiplayer without paying. That's right without so no need to worry about that. Just if you want to play with some friends then you'll have to pay. Other than that no worries

Ps3Fanboy7774755d ago

Not paying, sorry but i dont need the chat, i can manage my own screennames...

And frankly im not paying $60 for something i really dont need or want...

DeadlyFire4755d ago

I don't doubt that the service will have around the same user base as X-fire or Xb Live(6 million people), but I doubt it will go much higher since PC gamers do not entirely like Microsoft and getting someone to pay for their Gold PC service with absolutly none or only 1 or 2 games that support cross platform even announced for X360 and PC. I have everything I need with X-fire and in game features. Screen names have never been a problem for PC gamers.

I would love if X-fire made a deal with Sony though to support cross platform play with Home and PS3 for free. This would definately cause something to happen on Microsoft's side of things for one if not both of their Live programs.

Rooted_Dust4755d ago

Try Inconsequential, since no PC gamer who doesn't own an XBox Live account is going to pay for this service. Live anywhere is just going to fade in with all the other gamming services like Gamespy and X-Fire. If they add PC to Xbox play on silver accounts maybe some will use it but they still won't pay for it.