IGN: Top 10 Most Overrated Videogame Characters

A few weeks ago IGN Stars ran a poll asking the readers which videogame characters they felt were overrated. The voters turned out in droves to lay judgment on some of the most popular gaming heroes, if apparently not the best and brightest.

When the dust settled, it was clear who you felt should be taken down a peg.

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Elven64097d ago

I'm not sure I agree with some of these choices,

gamesmaster4097d ago

top 10 overrated gaming websites?

guess who's my number one...

- Ghost of Sparta -4097d ago

Master Chief definitely deserved the #1 spot.

JOLLY14097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

It was a poll. Why are you blaming the site? Since it was a poll, all of the ps3 fans reported for duty. Hee Hee duty

Elven64097d ago

I wouldn't say Master Chief is gamings #1 most overrated, I think more people know who Sonic and Mario are then Master Chief.

C_SoL4096d ago

and Kratos is the most badass. Even Solid Snake doesn't have nothing on him, I think.

Mindboggle4096d ago

I dont know where to start with list, i just cant get why any of them deserve the tag overrated. I could give you a list of reasons why Bioshock, Sonic, tomb radier, halo etc are overrated but not the characters themselves.

ZuperAmazingCooKie4096d ago

Master Chief has no personality at all, he should have gotten the main story pic. *Looks who published the story; remembers his agenda; sees what happened*

gamesmaster4096d ago

ign wrote exactly why they they are overrated underneath each game character...

sofresh2004096d ago

I thought Cloud Strife would be number one easily.

UltraNova4096d ago

How about we make our own poll huh?

Ok here's the question:

In a man to man fight between Master Chief VS Kratos with full powers/weapons who do you think will emerge victorious?

Two rules here people, elaborate based on their character and abilities ( just to make things more...'logical').

And no fan boy sh**! Just your honest opinion, this is just for fun after all...

ExcelKnight4096d ago

Mega Man isn't on the list, so I'm cool.

Lifendz4096d ago

when Marcus Fenix and Master Chief were both rated higher on the list.

Rainstorm814096d ago

clearly in the headline it says...
"Who did you pick to join Kratos and Lara in fan jail?"
Kratos #6 Lara #2

Dare they say Master Chief or Marcus Fenix in the headline. Ign is clearly console bias. Bias and Media shouldnt even be in the same sentence but hey guess they are modeling themselves after FOX news.

Im sure IGN had a set list of characters for readers to vote on like majority of thier polls.


skottey4096d ago

While I do like God of War, I am sick of hearing about him. So he belongs on the list.

On the other hand, I DO NOT feel Master Chief belongs on the list. I never really felt over saturated with him. From playing Halo with my wife offline to playing Halo 2 online multiplayer and to Halo 3, I never felt badly towards Master Chief. If he is so overrated, why are they making a movie about him? I am pretty sure the Halo movie is supposed to be about the Master Chief, and I know most of the kids that say he is overrated will pack the theaters to see him. Of course there are the PS3 fanboys that hate what he has done to the console multiplayer online gaming world (100,000 on Halo 3 at any given time still, two thousand people on Killzone 2) People keep going back to Halo 3. People love the Master Chief!

thor4096d ago

Skottey I must disagree.

Master Chief rarely speaks and doesn't even have a face ffs. We all know that the _reason_ characters wear helmets in many games is to make the game look better than it is, since faces take up a lot of polygonal/texture detail. With the limited resources of the original Xbox, it helped keep poly counts for characters low.

I would also put Gordan Freeman on the list, I mean he's not even a character. In fact, most FPS stars have little character because you are the one playing as them, so the only insight you get is during cutscenes. Master Chief is almost as bland as Sev from KZ2.

I also totally agree about generic, "badass" characters being on the list. Totally unoriginal, there's just no point in them being there. Why can't we have more characters like Nathan Drake, Solid Snake? There you have characters with actual depth and actual weaknesses, not people who are completely emotionally detatched and just want to kill everything they see. Kratos and Marcus Fenix are god-awful characters - can you relate to them? No. Do you think you'd get on with them if you met them? No. Do they have an interesting personality? No. Does their character add anything to the game? NO!

ThanatosDMC4096d ago (Edited 4096d ago )

I agree so much about Chris Redfield. Too much steroids. Remember the scene with him beating on a rock? Yeah, wtf, right? Leon wouldnt need help and he owns just by himself. Anyone watched the movie, Degeneration? Yeah, the government send one guy to take care of the zombie out break, including a G-virus monster. Leon didnt even flinch.

HAHAHAH! Sonic... so true... way over rated and they still keep making games about him but they just fail.

Oh yeah, why doesnt Sheva freak out in front of monstrosities she's never encountered before? I mean, wtf?! She treats them like she's seen these before and she talks about "her people" but there's no emotional attachments about slaughtering them.

Btw, im sad that so and so died at the end. Though they didnt show a body, i hope so and so is still alive. Yep, no spoiler.

(Good thing Dante wasnt on the list... i'd be pissed!)

Tony P4096d ago

The choices don't really bother me, but wtf is the criteria? Coolness? I can't really disagree or agree. It's a bit hard to criticise proofs like "he wears a goofy tie".

Aquanox4096d ago

It was voted by the community. Obviously, the PS fanboys voted for both Marcus and Masterchief.

Hard to find a nearly as iconic character in Sony`s camp though.

Giriath4096d ago

Put your glasses on Xbot, Snake's camoflague isn't all that impressive. Master Chief and Cortana are indeed iconic characters.

BWS19824096d ago

you always speak as if you are totally unbiased and objective. Fanboys of any circle are obnoxious, can't you be above that?

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Cajun Chicken4097d ago

"Why he's overrated: Speaking of 'roid rage, check out this loser. Marcus Fenix is the kind of muscle-bound buffoon that makes even guys like Kratos seem like introspective philosophers.
His personality consists entirely of grunting, shouting, and shooting. As much as Epic Games has tried to fool gamers by licensing tie-in novels and comic books, we all know the truth. There is no real story to be had for Marcus in Gears of War, aside from arm up, take aim and go on a bug hunt. It's all about big men with bigger guns shooting generic aliens over and over again. Calling Marcus Fenix one of the definitive gaming characters of the current generation is technically accurate, but also misleading. There isn't any real character to be had here."

Couldn't of said it finer myself. I know the truth anyway. And just to say, I really like Master Chief in the Halo games, I like his platonic relationship between him and Cortana and...bless his soul 'Sarge. It should be the Halo film that was green lighted ages ago, not Gears.

PirateThom4097d ago

I don't like the Halo games, but the mythology is really, really good.

The story in Gears is paper thin. It's going to make a terrible movie.

Cajun Chicken4096d ago

Oh yeah, the whole 'Great Journey' mistranslation gets me everytime, in fact, I feel sorry for the Covenant for getting the wrong end of the stick, the Covenant don't seem to be PURE EVIL, they're just misguided, selfish and stubborn and you still can identify with them at times.
I happen to like the Halo series but I feel the multiplayer made people forget about what the actual game is about; the campaign and the characters, but the Gears series, jeez, I KNOW Epic can do MUCH better easily. I blame Cliffy B. I just can't tolerate the lameness of them.

No Way4096d ago

I think a movie wouldn't be that bad, actually. Especially for action junkies.

That is, if they do the movie right..

Miraak82 4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

mario maybe, but links stories and games are just too great to be overrated , I dissagree with Kratos on the list though, aside from the action in GoW series its like reading a great book and I'm glad they'll end it at GoW3

HDgamer4097d ago

Mario is the biggest whore. He has so many shovel ware games from the n64 all the way to the game cube. Mario Party 68.

Cheeseknight284096d ago

Come back when you learn what "shovelware" means. Until then, go back to grade school where you need to be.

skottey4096d ago

I am a 33 year old gamer and pretty much grew out of Mario. It is a toss up if he should be on the list to me because at least Nintendo mixed it up a little and created Wario and the Mario based games are probably the most diverse from each other of any series. You have the standard Mario Bros (Before Super Mario for you young kids) with the platforms, turtles, crabs, etc, Mario from Donkey Kong the original, etc. Then you have the Super Mario world of course but then they have put him in Smash Bros, Mario Tennis and other sports games, Mario cart. They are not just all the same game rehashed. Most series, it is the same type of game. If it is a shooter, it is always a shooter with that character. At least Mario has done different things. He is just symbolic of Nintendo and they'd be crazy to scrap him ever. He is like Mickey Mouse is to Disney. Mario represents Nintendo.

As far as Link, I really don't think he has shown his face too much. Although his appearance is mostly the same type of game, with few exceptions. I haven't played a Zelda game in a while, although I have his staple Wii game. It has been collecting dust for a couple years, on my list of games to play.

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DarthTigra 4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

Why was Kratos chosen as the main pic??? It should have been who they picked to be number 1 .

- Ghost of Sparta -4097d ago

Because Bloodmask submitted this. Read his blogs, he's the biggest 360 fanboy on N4G.

Bathyj4096d ago

Then why should we read his blogs?

If I want to kill brain cells I'll drink.

Cheeseknight284096d ago

The only place that you can kill brain cells on N4G is in the comments section.

Agent VX4096d ago

Only on N4G will you get a bunch of pimple popping teenie boppers complaining about which character they use to display the article.

Bahahahaha!!!! Thanks boys, I needed this. It is nice to see that their are far bigger losers out there than myself.

Back to real criticism, this article sucked because they just took the most popular characters and said they are overrated. This is what happens when you get fanboys voting, complete ignorance.

skottey4096d ago

I think it is because of all those games, God of War III is on everybody's mind in anticipation of the game coming out at some point, hopefully soon. The other ones shown either have recent games out or not as much excitement for their game coming out soon. GOWIII is expected to sell like hotcakes. I'll buy it. I am still finishing the first game and have GOWII on my to play list and it is sitting on the dusty shelf. So I am in no rush for GOWIII.

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ThatCanadianGuy4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

Love how Bloodmask chose to use Kratos as the pic even tho he was #6

HDgamer4097d ago

[sarcasm]And I thought Blood Mask was really a gamer[/sarcasm]

solidjun54096d ago


We all know Bloodmask is first and foremost a true ga..m...e...r.]

Sorry, I just can't lie like that.