Final Fantasy XI reaches 2 Million active accounts, first growth since 2005

Square Enix has announced that their MMORPG Final Fantasy XI has reached 2 million active accounts for the first time since the game launched back in 2004.

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Myst3464d ago

Hmm, after seeing this it makes me want to go back and level my character up again so I can get my adv. Job.

Reibooi3464d ago

After playing most of the MMO's out there I do truly believe that the best one on the market atm is Final Fantasy XI. It's has incredible balance and crap load of content and despite being a MMO still has the great story lines that final fantasy is known for. The game is also great because of countless little innovations such as being able to level every job on a single character instead of having to make a new one and the sub job system as well.

The major problem here is that Final Fantasy XI is a hardcore experience. The majority of the WoW crowd would not last a month in the game. It requires alot of devotion and a ton of time to get anything accomplished. To alot of people that's something they like but for the casual MMO fan such as the majority of WoW players they are just turned away.

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likedamaster3464d ago

This game is cross-platform with PS2/PC version, correct?

JoySticksFTW3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Yep, and Xbox360

You can also play the PS2 version on PS3

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