STP: Snake Galaxy Updated Review

SlideToPlay writes: "After our checking out our review of SnakeGalaxy, Dig Dog Co-Gérant Benoît Prunneaux informed us today that they have dropped the price to $0.99 and plan on having online scoring in the next update.

Tres Biên!

The goal is to obtain objects for points to keep your snake growing. Levels are all a different type of 3D planet. There are a total of six planets including a "Pants" planet, "House" planet, some sort of weird squiggly planet, and three others. Your objective in each planet differs, as you have to gain a different number of food/objects. Once that is accomplished, you gain access to the next planet.

There isn't too much more to explain since it's a classic game of snake in a 3D world."

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