Yahoo UK Review: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2

Yahoo UK writes: "This Mosh Pit for Japanese robots will daze and confuse just enough to keep you hypnotised but ultimately emerge feeling low on fuel.

There have been eleven, count 'em, Dynasty Warriors games for Xbox to date. After 10 you can't blame publisher KOEI for cranking it up another notch to see what flies. Therefore here comes Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2. You're forgiven for not realising there had been a Dynasty Warriors: Gundam part one (it was released in 2007).

Now first of all we want to make it clear that the Gundam universe is ideal for videogames. If there had never been a Gundam brawl on this scale available, we'd wish that there was. And if you're looking for the ultimate in battle stages well the Dynasty Warriors series has it nailed. The DW series cut its teeth on historic battles from ancient Japanese and Chinese history. Gundam breaks loose into the far future where intergalactic settings combine with high-tech weapons and armour upgrades. Purely in terms of visuals this sets the stage for thrilling action, but the Gundam series is also beloved for its whimsical storyline that's interwoven here."

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