Atari Confirms Champions Online Release Date

Atari officially announced today that Champions Online will be released worldwide on July 14th. They had been planning on announcing this information on May 8th but the date was leaked earlier today and it apparently forced their hand.

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ASSASSYN 36o4098d ago

After seeing the trailers I might get this for the xbox. But that star trek online looks so good!

DelbertGrady4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

This looks really good. Finally, a MMO game for the 360 (and PS3?), and it's from the developer that made City of Heroes/Villains. Never played them but I've heard they are very good.

jaybdemented4097d ago

city of heroes was great. if this is anything like it then Im getting it. im hoping for it to come to the ps3, but its not looking likely.