Official Two Worlds site has new Xbox 360 images section

Two Worlds image goodness for all to gaze upon.

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ElementX5239d ago (Edited 5239d ago )

Looking good! I love the art style, not sure how to describe it, though.

I've had my eye on this game for a while.

power of Green 5239d ago (Edited 5239d ago )

I do!, a richer deeper coloured more detailed version of the way Oblivion could have looked. J/K-ing, it does look next gen compared to Oblivion though. Anyways i made the comments above before i actually looked at the screens on this site Holy Sh*T they do look good!, i hope the gameplay is more action based with RPG charectoristics. This should blow Oblivion out of the water as long as they pay attention; we dont need a game so long people like me get rid of it before we complete it as long as they do a dam good job on story and gameplay.

FirstknighT5239d ago

Looks like the graphics are top notch with some good multiplayer goodness. I hope it comes with an epic story.

InMyOpinion5239d ago

This game looks likely to be a sleeper hit a la Crackdown.

Gamer135239d ago

Even if its over 50hrs long im still happy, hope i can do alot more in the game than Oblivion even thou Oblivion is pretty solid.

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