iPGN: Siberian Strike Updated Hands On

iPGN writes: "Rather than using sprite graphics, the new Siberian Strike is fully 3D! It's the same top-down view, but in a fully rendered 3D engine, and it looks damn good. The game is just as crazy as the originals, with massive waves of enemies, crazy power-ups, and huge bosses to defeat. The levels I played were very fast-paced, and a lot of fun. I also really liked the cheesy voice acting and anti-soviet intro to the game. Gave me a good chuckle.

Another really cool new aspect of Siberian Strike are the new 3D levels that take a behind-the-plane view as you fly over, under, and around obstacles while destroying targets. To clarify what I'm talking about, think Starfox64. The level that I played took place in a crumbling icy canyon, and it was pretty intense. This was a nice break from the more frantic standard style of play though, since you're simply auto-locking onto targets and tapping the Fire button."

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