12 games you might never play

GamesRadar writes:
"Remember how great StarCraft: Ghost was going to be? Sorry, it's dead. It's not uncommon for games to be cancelled. It usually happens like this: A game is announced, we hear nothing about it for years, then buried somewhere in a press release about another game we find a note that mentions that it has been "indefinitely delayed," which actually means "permanently delayed." And that's it, we never hear about it again.

Alternatively, there are occasions when the game was only a rumor to begin with, kept alive by our collective desire for it to exist. We delude ourselves until we're certain that the game will make an appearance, only to find out that the company in charge of the property has inexplicably decided not to make the game that everyone wants. Why would they do that? Well, licensing disputes, layoffs, creative disagreements, and/or any of the other five billion (number not exact) things that can prevent a game from existing."

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Nelson M3463d ago

Well if its got a Xbox 360 logo on it
i aint ever gonna play that game

The Xbox is a pile of Shat
And the Bots are all Thick