PS3: long awaited console may underwhelm in the short term

'Content In the dark days of 2005, games console and software retailers across Europe were counting down to the release of the so called next generation consoles. In late 2005, the XBOX 360 was launched and around 12 months later Nintendo's Wii hit the shops in time for Christmas. The PS3 - which has been available in the USA and Japan since December last year - will provide a further fillip to these retailers' sales.

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OldSchoolGamer4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

lowered its price because they knew the complaint about the large controllers, and that they had the smaller controllers coming. It pee'd me off quite a bit since I bought mine shortly before the release of smaller controllers and ended up with a bunch of big ones no one would play with unless we were short at lan parties.

So farm I can't see PS3 getting a price drop for months, until the 65nm technology is going into every new system, blu-ray gets cheaper, and they hit the shelves for awhile, and then some killer apps hit.

DJ4759d ago

that same damn photo! =P

ElementX4759d ago

Looks like my local Target store LOL. But I will gladly purchase one when the price drops. I do want to play the exclusives.

DJ4759d ago

Except the 360s are on the left side. (kiosk placement)

THAMMER14759d ago

The new Playstation will be welcome once I see that Majical $300.00 price tag. My 2007 tax return will be crazy big. I'll get a PS3, XBOX360 ELITE,and new 1080p SONY projector, and a 32" samsung HD TV. The PS3 should not be hard to find a $300.00 by next FEB - MAR.