About Sony Home

"Recently, Sony has unveiled its Home service, which will be a virtual world of sorts that allows PlayStation 3 owners to create virtual avatars and interact with other PS3 owners in an environment reminiscent of Second Life. Sony has also adapted some of the ideas of their competitors, including the customization of Nintendo's Mii Channel and well as an achievement system like the one implemented by Microsoft on Xbox Live.

The question that the staff of CCC answers this week is "How do you feel about Sony's Home Service?"

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Ps3Fanboy7774756d ago

Its free
Customizable character
Customizable house
Trophy Room (thats some minority report looking sht)

All accessible from the XMB and its free.

Only people I understand not liking it is older people and more casual gamer. However even both of those can enjoy trophys from the XMB...

Cant wait!