GameFly Files Complaint Against USPS

Online game rental service GameFly has filed a formal complaint against the United States Postal Service, reports Shacknews. The complaint accuses the USPS of giving preferential special processing to Netflix and Blockbuster to avoid breaking discs, which it hasn't extended to GameFly. The company requested similar manual processing, but claims it was denied.

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Th3 Chr0nic3491d ago

knowing the USPS and govt i bet Gamefly will get their manual processing but at the cost of slower delivery times.... muhahahahaaa

SplatterU3491d ago

Or they will post a sticky in all post offices giving employees permission to play Frisbee with the games.

RememberThe3573491d ago

I'm getting back on ASAP.

As for the USPS: Get your sh*t together!

Marceles3491d ago

GameFly is such a good service. I'm on the 4-game subscription at the moment and I get new games in about 2 days after returning them.

SplatterU3491d ago

ever get any broken? heh.

IdleLeeSiuLung3491d ago

It took me over a week to get a game, more like week and a half. I canceled.... If it eats up almost half the month you are paying for to get a game, I would rather just own the game when it hits the bargain bin.

Tsalagi3490d ago

The last game i ordered from Gamefly looked like it was ran over before being delivered to me. Those flimsy little envelopes they ship in can't stand up to a postman having a bad day.

Mikerra173490d ago

Im in the same boat I canceled mine after 3 months, sure there is no late fees, but they still charge you for waiting a week

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HDgamer3491d ago

It's a good service except when the games come in it always take a week or so. Unlike netflix which takes the next day or so.

SplatterU3491d ago

alot of it probably depends on your demographic with gamefly too, they aren't as big as netflix so cant guarantee the same turn around times.

original seed3490d ago

It takes a week turn-round. Netflix only two days. I live 5 hours from both distribution centers. Hmm...

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