inFamous Shocks Us With Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta

The switch on Sony's "electrifying announcement" may have just been flipped, as a Best Buy pre-order box for inFamous reveals the existence of a multiplayer beta test for Uncharted 2.

Yesterday Sony began teasing "an electrifying announcement" to take place on April 27th regarding both Sucker Punch's inFamous and Naughty Dog's Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Today a reader sent us this photo of a batch of newly opened Best Buy pre-order placeholder boxes for inFamous, which indicate that not only do pre-orders score players early access to the inFamous demo, they also receive a voucher for entry into the multiplayer beta test for Uncharted 2.

They key word here is multiplayer. Announcing that the sequel to one of the best single-player games on the PlayStation 3 is adding a multiplayer component certainly qualifies as electrifying. I'm certain we'll hear much more on this come April 27th.

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TheColbertinator4561d ago

Hahahaha looks like someone spilled the beans

ravinshield4561d ago

this will maybe increase sales by 2% since ps3rd fangirls don't buy games.

CaseyRyback_CPO4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

360 owners talk about sales of halo, while ps3 owners get more games.

Uncharted sold Soooooo bad that its getting a sequel with mp. Great logic ravinshield. Why dont you go find a huxley story to pretend to be excited about?

ultimolu4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

Maybe you can get something called a f*cking life ravinshield.

This is why I cannot stand 360 fanatics! All they care about are sales, sales, sales! Never about the quality of games! Going by their logic, Wii Fit is the greatest game of all time!

And people wanna call me a Sony fangirl! This guy here is the very definition of a fanboy!

butterfinger4561d ago

That was an exceptionally good comment, Ravinshield. I can't wait for XBOX360's exciting lineup this year. Halo:ODST and all of those other AAA exclusives are going to rock! I can't wait to get my mom to drive me to my friend's house so we can play Halo 3 again all night long! YAY! :D

ravinshield4561d ago

well if the quality of the games are so great why the [email protected]@@ dont ya buy them stupid

TheHater4561d ago

Your dad didn't breast fed you today or what?

ultimolu4561d ago

ravinshield, what the f*ck gave you that idea that PS3 fans don't buy games? Why the hell does the sales matter if the game is amazing?

God, go play some damn games already. You 360 fanatics make me absolutely sick to my stomach. You attack PS3 fans for trolling your articles and yet you troll ours!'

What the hell is wrong with you people?

nycredude4561d ago

That's funny I could have sworn that the last time I checked I had 72 games for my Ps3. Hmm maybe I'm dreaming.


The gaming GOD4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

But Raven, you are REALLY ignorant. If ps3 owners "don't buy games" then why are multi platform games on ps3 games WORLDWIDE beginning to equal and even surpass the 360 despite this 8 million unit lead Microsoft loves to harp on about?

For such a big lead that MS loves to claim, the worldwide numbers shouldn't even be close. Makes you wonder just who is buying the games and who isn't doesn't it?

When you get some common sense Raven, give me a call. Let's chat.

Go ahead child, we both know you're gonna pull out your Microsoft fangirl response.

ravinshield4561d ago

is that why queerzone 2 hasn't even sold 2 million copies yet.

Traveler4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

@ ravingshield

You said, "well if the quality of the games are so great why the [email protected]@@ dont ya buy them stupid".

Hmm...that's a real thought-provoking question...

Then again why is the Wii totally raping the 360 in sales? I really don't have the answer... Why does the mass market often prefer crap over quality? That is a question for the ages.

In the meantime, Uncharted has sold several million copies and I don't know how that can be construed as 'nobody buys PS3 games'. Only in the delusional mind of the true fanboy might that make sense.

ultimolu4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

Hey ravin, I think your mom is calling you. She's saying to get your f*cking ass inside for bedtime.

Stupid bot.

CaseyRyback_CPO4561d ago

ps3 owners dont have to worry about buying 1 worthy game a year.. there is a multitude of AAA titles to purchase at any given point. not a games drought and people that will buy anything with halo written on it.

And again

enough people buy it for the sequel. so what exactly is your argument? That uncharted didn't have a 30 million dollar ad campaign?

I dont even think you have an argument at this point.

Ferrari's are great quality, yet there are more fords on the road. Guess that means what again?

DNAgent4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

Why do you care so much? lol

Don't you have any games to pl...Oh, that's right.

Traveler4561d ago

@ Kain81

That was hilarious. I hope ravinshield gets the message.

Gue14561d ago

ravinshield is doing great at being a troll. Is kinda strange to see a troll, trolling with logic. ;-)

The PS3 has great games and still it never gives great numbers of software sales. But it can't be because of a small user based because even when the X360 was around the 20 million mark(the same as the PS3 right now) it still sold a lot of software anyway.

meepmoopmeep4561d ago

just want to bump this to the top 3 heat spot

carry on with the fanboy drivel


na2ru14561d ago

You're only making it worse for other 360 fanboys. You best go play sales elsewhere.

Lord_Ranos4561d ago

ravingshield is a momas boy. like they say in my country mamalon!

360isthebestps3sucks4561d ago

more one flop coming for crapstation3 like flopzone 2.

likedamaster4561d ago

They're pulling a "Crackdown with Halo 3 beta". LOL. Except crackdown was actually a good sandbox game with co-op.

tawak4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

xbox 360 can be modded
ps3 cant
ps3 sure money while 360 sure piracy
now whos buying games

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techie4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

Gamezine redeemed! They got it f*cking right and don't you forget it :D

"There's been a rumour that Naughty Dog is developing competitive and cooperative for Among Thieves, so could purchasing or pre-ordering InFamous provide a code for some kind of multiplayer Beta? If they've created online multiplayer, Naughty Dog will surely want to test it."

Maybe they'll leak more if we ask nicely lol

Regardless of that = how frigging cool is this!? Sony get it right :) :)

fishd4561d ago

In Naughty god I belive!

Buttons4561d ago

Is it only Best Buy? I always go there for electronics (don't hate me), have a Reward Zone and everything, but the one time that they have a good preorder bonus, GameStop has a better one >_>. Now....Uncharted 2 Beta or Gigawatt Blades?

Damn it

meepmoopmeep4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

going to best buy tonight to pre-order (again)

PrimordialSoupBase4561d ago

Uncharted's excellent controls begged for a competitive multiplayer mode.

Domenikos4561d ago

U are raping my wallet...

<3 its our little secret ;)

Sitdown4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

How did they get it right? They asked a question...which means they were not saying it was going to happen, they just speculated about the possibility of something based on previous rumors. So there guess was correct...but nothing about their post shows if they knew it was going to happen.

Or perhaps I am just reading your post wrong.

joydestroy4561d ago

c'mon you guys. Naughty Dog brought us Uncharted. do you have no faith in them? i think they'll get it right. i really do.

how much do you have to lay down to pre-order i wonder...
never pre-ordered from bestbuy.

techie4561d ago

One: They got it right.

Two: If they were guessing, it's a bloody good guess.

Three: They were probably just pretending to guess so they didnt get into trouble with Sony.

TheRealSpy024561d ago

great news for ppl who had already made up their minds about inFamous.

i'm curious to see how they pull off a multiplayer component to uncharted.

if 2 is anything like the original, they'd have to make the multiplayer something a li'l more unique than a shooter. the mechanics in the first one just weren't there for multiplayer.

either way, i think i'm just about sold on inFamous anyway.

does anyone know if the game is completely sandbox? or does it have a linear story that opens up certain parts of the world as you go? and does anyone know the expected length of the main story?

RememberThe3574561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

I could understand a co-op mode. But how are they going to take this into the multi-player arena? The game is so story driven, I'm having a hard time figuring out what the context would be.

EDIT: Sh*t, was supposed to be responding to Crab. Oh well, I'm not waisting an other bubble.

2nd EDIT: Icarus: You are one of few. I loved literally everything about Uncharted.

IcarusOne4561d ago

Yeah, I'll be picking up inFamous.

Not too excited about Uncharted though. I thought the first one was amusing at best. Graphics aside, I hated the visual style. Too cartoony. And the controls drove me nuts. So I'm not really sure how I excited I should be about going up against human beings with a shotty control scheme.

I just hope they handle this multiplayer better than Konami handled the multiplayer for MGS4. Matchmaking in that was a b!tch and a half.

WhittO4561d ago

Uncharted 2 was already NO1 on my game list this year, having a multi-player has just put that so much higher than any other game this year!!!

Wonder what the multi-player will be like, Gears 2 without all the glitches/average graphics? lol jokin.

Incognegro4561d ago

Gamezine was only speculating. If you didn't notice people were already talking about the possibilities of a demo/beta being shipped in with a copy of infamous in an article that came out a few minutes before gamezine's. I should know because I was in the discussion.

@Buttons: If I was you, I'd reserve a copy at both stores if it turns out that best buy is the only one that has this deal going on. Gamestop will give you their voucher card pretty much as soon as you preorder, but I don't know if best buy will give you the code automatically or if you have to wait till the game comes out. If you only get the code from gamestop, take it. Come back a few days later and move your preorder to Uncharted lol. If you get both codes then just decide which store you'd like to switch your code then. I might find myself doing that in the near future ha.

Traveler4561d ago

I thought Uncharted's controls and cover system were better than Gears, so I think it could make for an awesome multi-player mode. It didn't need a multiplayer mode, but it will certainly be appreciated.

Why would it be any harder to make a multi-player mode for Uncharted than for any other action game? Face it, multi-player modes are just an excuse to run around and shoot people. Does it really matter whether it's locusts and COG or mercenaries, treasure hunters and pirates? I don't see why that would matter at all.

- Ghost of Sparta -4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

Multiplayer isn't always competitive. It could be a co-op beta for all we know.

C_SoL4561d ago

That just made my year. :D

Jaces4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

Co-op I don't mind so much....competitive on the other hand is a complete FAIL.

I mean Riddick competitive was pretty great right.....


The only way I could see any good out of this is if the online competitive was like RE5. Something not taken to seriously but fun overall, and trophies for online that are actually obtainable unlike some..

PlayStation3604561d ago

To my understanding bro, this is not BestBuy exclusive. It seems "get the Uncharted 2 Mulitplayer Beta Voucher when you purchase inFamous" means the voucher is included with the game not as a Pre-order bonus (Bestbuys bonus item is the inFamous Demo). So it's similar to Zone of the enders + MGS2 demo.

So by my theory, Pre-order from Gamestop (get the gigawatt blades voucher), later on cancel the preorder from gamestop, then pre-order/buy from Amazon (get the Home item). And if all goes well, you'll automatically get the Uncharted 2 MP voucher when inFamous arrives. You'll end up with Gigawatt blades, Home item, and the Uncharted 2 MP demo. :D

Jamegohanssj54561d ago

Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun!


jaysquared4561d ago

LOL! Look at all these Sony fans praising Naughty Dog for implementing multiplayer in this game. Funny how I was bashing Uncharted for not having multiplayer and many Sony fans were saying that multiplayer will not work for Uncharted but now it does? LOL! I'll say it again multiplayer and singplayer campaigns should all be implemented into every game! Theres a few Sony games just includes either or.. Like Socom and Warhawk(NO SP) and Uncharted and heavenly sword(NO multiplayer)!

JokesOnYou4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

Great news to me. Usually unless theres something that really fascinates me about a game thats single player then its 50/50 chance of rent or buy. Now with this news, I'm interested in Uncharted2 and if it turns out good I'll finally be buying another ps3 game.


Dark General4561d ago

Am I the only person that DOESN'T want multiplayer in Uncharted 2? I don't think the game needs it and i don't want it to be honest. If anything give me offline coop.

Jamegohanssj54561d ago

Hey bro, I am with you as I don't like people. I'd rather Naughty Dog said the hell with it.


Tito Jackson4561d ago

**Does his "you are NOT the father" dance that he reserved for his appearance one day on the maury povich show**

I feel like Bono.....YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH

Immortal Kaim4561d ago

I'm not saying this is bad news per say, but is anyone else concerned that Devs feel they HAVE to add a mulitplayer component? From what I understand, Uncharted was one of those great single player experiences, why do they have to add mulitplayer to everything? I feel the same about Bioshock 2...

GVON4561d ago

First off sweat,It could be Sony's take on GeOW,but with climbing and stuff.

Second,knowing Sony and how they supply dedicated servers for free it should at least be lagg free,Sony's first party studios will no doubt help,also being close with brilliant online coders like guerrilla and insomniac can only help.

Third it will be a test of Ps3 if they can do this online without loss of detail from SP it would be amazing,and I think guerrilla could help them out there.

Man I would of expected this at E3,Sony must be confidant if they are able to confirm stuff like this before the show.

Sony really don't want Ps3 users to get prototype,If anyone wasn't sure which game to buy,I'm sure this will help.

Finaly this better be available in the UK.

ZuperAmazingCooKie4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

"LOL! Look at all these Sony fans praising Naughty Dog for implementing multiplayer in this game. Funny how I was bashing Uncharted for not having multiplayer and many Sony fans were saying that multiplayer will not work for Uncharted but now it does? LOL!"

People were probably disagreeing with you because you were simply nit-picking, now you have to get another reason to nit-pick.

"I'll say it again multiplayer and singplayer campaigns should all be implemented into every game! Theres a few Sony games just includes either or.. Like Socom and Warhawk(NO SP) and Uncharted and heavenly sword(NO multiplayer)! "

I assume you never got Shadowrun, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey or any mediocre JRPG that the 360 got. Not all developers have a budget to make multiplayer and single player. Besides, Resistance 2's campaign was impacted by the fact that it had a much more ambitious multiplayer mode. In the end the campaign disappointed, and even now some PS3 fans don't want it. Funny that you generalize like the typical fanboy.

Great news to me. Usually unless theres something that really fascinates me about a game thats single player then its 50/50 chance of rent or buy. Now with this news, I'm interested in Uncharted2 and if it turns out good I'll finally be buying another ps3 game. "

"JOY "

Ok let's get something straight. To play any PS3 game, you need a PS3.

aldesko4561d ago

Wow, you almost wrote a whole post without putting down the PS3.

njr4561d ago

MEGATON. Preordered.

Dark General4561d ago

I like people. The thing is i felt that Uncharted was one of the last of the dying breed of great single player only games. Showing that it could be done this gen if the game is good enough and Uncharted was. Now i feel like it's just pandering to the newer audience of "Multiplayer in every game plex" new age gamers. Now if it had Offline Coop i wouldn't have a probably with that since my girlfriend could play as Drake's new woman sidekick.

solidt124560d ago

OMG i didnt see this coming. Uncharted 2 now with Multiplayer. i must be dreaming.

ThanatosDMC4560d ago

Sweet! I'm getting this when i go to Best Buy on Sunday (April 26) to buy Soul Calibur 4 and Overlord... which will be $10 each!

DaTruth4560d ago

Been awhile since I saw a JOY post, without Icarus one close by. Strange how people create additional accounts, just so they can agree with themselves.

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GiantEnemyCrab4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

Muliplayer in Uncharted? The game is such a fantastic single player game that I honestly don't think it would make a very good or fun multiplayer game. I guess I will wait for details. They are taking a gamble here because even if the SP is great if the MP is lacking it will take a hit in reviews.

I would of bought this right away if it was a SP beta but not interested at all in MP.

beavis4play4561d ago

UC is such a great SP/story experience.......i don't see the need for MP added in. hopefully this doesn't hurt the dev time on the SP side of the game.

this is NOT electrifying news.

crck4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

As long as the single player holds up no one is going to mark it down for an average multiplayer. Its roots are as a single player game. I don't think I saw any reviewers knock down MGS4 for their multiplayer and I believe the same will happen here. If it isn't any good they'll just say the multiplayer feels tacked on and leave it at that. Personally I don't give a crap about multiplayer either but I would love co-op.

Edit below: Wasn't gears 2 multiplayer broken for the longest time? Did that hurt its review scores? Reviewers for the most part don't give a crap about multiplayer. They feel obligated to mention it but only because they have to. Someone give me an example of a game that was marked down for multiplayer? Because I know Prey, Fear, Fear 2, The Darkness and Condemned 2 weren't. They were scored on the single player with maybe a couple of sentences about multiplayer. Multiplayer is something added to games to increase replay value. Most reviewers are flooded with games and don't even have time to bother with multiplayer.

@2.4 If they will then give me a past example please?

GiantEnemyCrab4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

" don't think I saw any reviewers knock down MGS4 for their multiplayer"

They packaged it seperately.. Lucky for them because MGO got killed in reviews and with all the early server problems/Konami ID issues it was a rough PR time for Konami and Sony.

@Penny: I remember the game getting ripped on because of length of the campaign but not so much for lacking MP. I just hope the campaign is longer than the last and not the same length with the extra time they could of expanded it spent on making MP modes.

@Butter: My bad, killed was a bad choice of words. 81 is not killed but not as good of a score as MGS4 received.

Pennywise4561d ago

Crab, Uncharted is a single player experience first and foremost. ND would not ruin that. But they are adding in an option for coop and some sort of VS mode online and you complain? COME ON.....

ND gets hit hard and unfairly for not having MP or Coop on their first game. CHECK. ND adds MP in UC2. CHECK. People start to complain about the MP because they want single player only. CHECK and MATE.

Give it a rest.

butterfinger4561d ago (Edited 4561d ago )

If you want an excellent example of a PS3 exclusive that had an excellent single player with mediocre multiplayer but still got great reviews look no further than Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

EDIT: You're right about them packaging the online separate, however, it didn't get killed in reviews. It has an 81 metacritic avg. with the lowest score being a 7.