Gamespot: Prototype Updated Hands-On Impressions

Last time Gamespot had a chance to take control of Alex Mercer and run him through an infected present-day New York City, they got a feel for his unique killing abilities. This time around, they were given the option of taking things a little slower and trying out the pseudostealth mechanics available in Prototype.

Warped forward to about halfway through the game, their initial job was to seek out and make contact with Dr. Ragland, an as-yet-unintroduced medical contact, at his lab. With the point marked on our map with a glowing yellow marker, they decided to stay above the fray going on at street level by dashing up buildings and then hurling ourselves off of and gliding to the next structure. Once they got close to their target destination, they descended to mingle with the crowd of citizens while wearing our now well-recognised hooded sweatshirt. Given that their progression with the game hasn't been chronological, it's still unclear what sort of awareness the locals have of Alex's presence or whether they perceive him as a threat.

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Spike473467d ago

I might rent it on my PS3, yes I said "rent", I'm a gamer on a budget so don't take out the pitchforks yet.

JeffGUNZ3467d ago

Yeah, I feel you. I might just this game. With Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising coming out this summer then Modern Warefare 2 this fall, my budget has to be tight, especially since the fiance and I are trying to buy a house, I doubt buying all these games will fly with her haha.

Sheikh Yerbouti3467d ago

I have the same impression. Look more and more different that inFamous.

Jaces3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

We'll see what the reviews say. Other than that I'm really liking his special abilities and attacks.

Blood is good. ;)

CaptainKratos3467d ago

or just borrow it from a friend.cant afford any games right now.looks fun though.

jBat173467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

it so ugly even a gamecube with wrigglers can handle it.

to be bruatlly frank, it does not look that much better than hulk ultimate destruction.