Inventor sues Sony over theft of PS3 feedback idea

Virtual Reality Feedback head and inventor Craig Thorner this week sued Sony's PlayStation divisions in Japan and the US, as well as PDP/Electro Source and multiple attorneys, over the alleged theft of intellectual property relating to force feedback technology that would ultimately be used in the DualShock 3 controller for later PlayStation 3 consoles. New Jersey-based Thorner claims that Sony violated trust by failing to defend him and his patents against lawsuits from Immersion.

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JoySticksFTW3489d ago

Yep, here we go again

More BS...

facepalm3489d ago

Leeeeeeeeeet's get ready to RUMBLLLLLLEEEE!!

MicroSony4Life3489d ago

One day I was playing with my wii and looked at my controller and thought to my self what if i combine my wii with my controller.

Bannnnnnnnng the wiimote was created. No lie i can swear by it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3489d ago

If you read the article, this guy is actually the original inventor and licensed the patent to immersion for a paltry $150,000. Sony then misled him. Confusing case indeed....

lsujester3489d ago

150K for one of the biggest advancements in game controller history? Poor guy...

ThanatosDMC3488d ago

What's he complaining about when he took the money and spent it happily? He sold his ideas.

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40cal3489d ago

So according to this law suit Craig Thorner is suing Sony on the base that he really invented the rumble tech and Immersion stole the tech from him?

pixelsword3489d ago

it will likely be thrown out in court.

IdleLeeSiuLung3489d ago

From the article:

"...he [Craig Thorner] had originally licensed his patents to Immersion"

Need I say more. This guy has a patent on it and licensed it to Immersion. The issue is that Sony didn't disclose information and was in collusion with another company. This isn't some random guy claiming that he invented something i.e similar to a patent troll.

He might have a case if he can prove it.

kaelix3489d ago

So sad, violating trust? if it were on paper where he's claiming that sony promised to defend him then yeah I see where Sony might be in a pickle but if it were a verbal promise without any proof then he's just the type to want to get as much money as he can

Lucreto3489d ago

People should be actively using the patent or in continuous development and stop these people from waiting for a chance to sue.

NateNater3489d ago

Not Again! Anoter freakin lawsuit!?!?

Leave Sony Alone!!! Just Leave Em' Alone!!!

Rofflecopter3489d ago

sounding like chris crocker there bud..

NateNater3489d ago

Haha! Thats exactly what I was going for!

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