Intersteller Marines Preview for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC

Interstellar Marines
- Formerly codenamed: "Project IM"

Developed by Zeropoint Software, Interstellar Marines is a sure to be AAA, FPS, action and adventure title with an original, unpredictable, Sci-Fi storyline featuring single and co-op gameplay, with heavy focus on realism.

Interstellar Marines will utilize the Unreal Engine, so you will see certain graphical advances such as normal mapping, global lighting, and AI Implant which is an incredible tool for scripting advanced AI.

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ElementX4755d ago

OMG i love outer-space games with aliens and other intelligent life! WWII shooters are so lame! I can never tire of aliens and stuff because developers can use their imagination and create creatures which nobody has seen before (unlike all those humans in 'life-like' shooters)

TheXgamerLive4754d ago

I've been drooling on this since it's first preview. It looks incredible on the trailer. I'm very anxious.

Grown Folks Talk4754d ago

i'd like to see more first. i'll have to go back and check the official site to see if it's been updated.

NoUseMerc4754d ago

The official website states that the teaser and trailer are both pre-rendered with in-game assests. It will be intresting to see what it looks like when showing in-game.

PSU will be doing an exclusive interview with them within the next few months so be sure to watch for that.

Robotz Rule4754d ago

Looks like Halo 3 has some competiton,huh?

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