DLC: Dirty Low Corporations

Loot Ninja writes:

"In this current generation of video games, we as gamers have been witnessing the increase of certain industry trends. Whether it's the recent emphasis on more casual experiences via the Nintendo Wii (which some would argue is hurting the industry, but in fact it is making it bigger and stronger by broadening the demographic), or another or the almost automatic inclusion of an online multiplayer component, thanks to the Xbox 360. One trend that has spread like the plague across all platforms is downloadable content (DLC), and I feel this is something that deserves some serious thought."

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drunkpandas3462d ago

A few companies get it right (Bethesda post horse armor, Harmonix), while others are getting it terribly wrong (overpriced map packs, other BS).

greyishfox3462d ago

Couldn't agree more. Bethesda has made huge strides in DLC. I think they are the best and deserve some serious credit for getting out into the market, testing the waters, and see what worked best for everyone, not just for their wallet.

IdleLeeSiuLung3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

I agree for the most part with the article, but disagree on Halo 3. Last I checked older map packs were free. They charge competitively on all new map packs and continues to give support. Granted, a little to expensive for my taste compared to Live Arcade games.

What is interesting is the author first complains about Infinity Ward stopping support for CoD4, then turns around and complains about how Bungie (or big evil MS) is continually supporting Halo 3. WTF?

Am I missing something?

The kind of DLC that is a complete rip-off, is the horse armor i.e. outfits for SF IV that was originally included in the arcade version and now cost $20+ for all of them.

The Matrix3462d ago

Heck, even if Bethesda didn't get it right, there games have far more than $60 worth on their disk. Even if they did rip us off (which they don't...except the horse armor) they are giving us fallout 3 and oblivion which have about $150 of content on them.

rambi803462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

when DLC appears within 2 months of the release of the game i can't help but feel ripped off if i have to pay for it.

And not all games are overpriced at $60. Development costs of HD gaming are really high. Compare some of these games to the average WII game in terms of development costs and retail pricing.

(and no, that is not meant to be yet another shot at nintendo - they probably made one of the best decisions for themselves in staying away from hd - but they didn't have to stay that far)

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greyishfox3462d ago

Interesting article and I do agree. When I pay for a product I expect the whole thing, not some half-baked trial that if it does well they will sell lots and lots of DLC to chump pump everyone. No DLC should be more than $10.

drunkpandas3462d ago

The worst are when the stuff is including on the disc to begin with and then you’re charged for it (most recently, the SF4 alternate costumes).

greyishfox3462d ago

That's really just a case of bending the consumer over. I really hope people don't buy that stuff based on the principal of the matter.

greyishfox3462d ago

What ever happened finishing the game then releasing it? Not releasing the game then dropping in a ton of "add-on's"
remember when demos were to really see if people would like it?

Chuk_Chuk3462d ago

Thats why i very rarely buy DLC

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