7 for '07 - Xbox 360

"At this point, there's little doubt that the PlayStation 2 was the clear winner of the last generation, beating out long-time champion Nintendo's GameCube and newcomer Microsoft's Xbox for the title. However, as we all know Microsoft is not a company to be easily deterred, and with their latest console, they look to claim the throne for themselves this time. Key to that plan, the Xbox 360 got a head start, plunging into the market a year before the other two consoles when all was said and done (the PS3, as you might remember, suffered delays, missing its mid-year launch in 2006). That fact alone, being the first next-gen console available to consumers, certainly seems to have helped the system, as even with only a handful of truly must-have games, it still managed to sell nearly ten million units last year.

However, now that the PS3 and Wii are both out on the market, this competition is really going to start heating up, and you better believe Microsoft is bringing it's "A" game. In the PS3 section of this feature, we extol some of the games heading to Sony's newest, but as great as those look, they are matched closely by the second wave of Xbox 360 titles. We got our first glimpse of this with the action shooter Gears of War late last year, followed shortly by the superhero sandbox title Crackdown, and soon we'll be strumming along in a port of the PS2 hit Guitar Hero II...and neither of the latter two games (Gears of War wasn't eligible of course) even made it on our list!"

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