Orange Box Discount This Weekend on Steam

The weekend special on Steam is The Orange Box, an award-winning collection of Valve titles including Portal, Team Fortress 2, and the Half-Life 2 family of games.

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SplatterU3517d ago

good deal, you can still get this game used just about anywhere for under $15.00. You get alot for the price.

BRG90003517d ago

Worth it just for portal. The other 4 games are icing on the cake.

evrfighter3517d ago

Just bought it for my 2nd pc. Unbelievable price

Proxy3517d ago

Portal alone is worth 10 bucks, easily.

TheIneffableBob3517d ago

Whoever doesn't have the Orange Box yet and doesn't buy this is an idiot.

Szarky3517d ago

I bought this just for portal and it was worth it for me even with how short it was.

kwicksandz3517d ago

Worth it for tf2 alone. The console versions arent a patch on the pc one and this is so goddam cheap!

sugatmahanti3517d ago

bought the game ....sweet deal...only played half life 2 and portal ...but will be able to play the rest..!!!
really one of the best deals available..