Killzone 2 sells 20K it's first day in Japan

Sony's genre redefining first person shooter Killzone 2 went on sale in Japan yesterday, to a reasonable amount of success. Though first person shooters aren't nearly as popular in the East as they are in the West, the title sold 20,000 copies it's first day, and is on track to out sell Resistance 2, which sold 33,000 it's opening week. Further, reports are indicating that the game is selling out at some retailers. The Killzone 2 servers were updated earlier this week to allow for the influx of Japanese players in the game.

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chrisnick3463d ago

not that bad considering the japanese don't particularly enjoy fps.

edgeofblade3463d ago

Maybe Killzone 2 will help make some inroads on the Japanese public so they buy other first person shooters.

MisterNiwa3463d ago

Many Japanese have Motion Illness, thats why not many Japanese play First Person Shooter.

chrisnick3463d ago

ummm to the phantom disagrees, im guessing u think im wrong bcuz u still don't have your ps3s yet, don't get mad at me...its the best game out this year so farm, and can only potentially be beaten by members of its own camp....fact.

Blaze9293463d ago

Halo 3 sold a bit over 60,000 units it's first week and I doubt it will be beating that. If Halo 3...HALO 3, can manage to pull that many Japanese gamers to a genre they dont really like on a SYSTEM they dont even like and Killzone cant do better on a preferred platform and is a "better game"...something is wrong.

Lifendz3463d ago

Good stuff. Happy for GG. Not being a fanboy but as a gamer. I want to see a company that makes a game I love do well. Good stuff GG. Here's hoping the game continues to sell well.

BTW, just think how well it'll do when Sony drops the price. There are like several games that will see a boost.

IdleLeeSiuLung3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Regardless of KZ2 beating Halo 3 or not, that is good news!

deeznuts3463d ago

Blaze, or it could be that the demographic buying 360's are looking at the 360's specialty, which is FPS.

Danja3463d ago

This is pretty good news , so it sell between 35-50k.... wish it was more but this is Japan after all

BYE3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

I think they are just sick of them cause there were too many in the past already, so they look out for deeper gameplay experiences.

Europe is a little bit like that, too.

meepmoopmeep3463d ago

I blame MSFT"s strong magnetic foothold on the Japanese
for these sales numbers.


raztad3463d ago

Im having a hard time understanding Blaze logic :(. If game is HALO then why do you expect KZ2 to beat it on sales? funny stuff.

It's very much expected that 360 owners (specially early adopters) are suckers for anything Halo and shooters. FPSs on the PS brand thing is quite new (as a relevant genre) and it begun in full force with Resistance:FoM.

UnwanteDreamz3463d ago

Thank you for bringing Halo into this. God knows what we would have thought without you comparing the two.

It occures to me that 40,000 could have found Halo3 to be an overrated pile thus making them wary of FPS. Naw just kidding......

kingme713463d ago

@deeznuts - Good insight.

AKNAA3463d ago

"1.4 - Not bad?
Halo 3 sold a bit over 60,000 units it's first week and I doubt it will be beating that. If Halo 3..."

If thats the case, then I would say 20k is not good enough...

Domenikos3463d ago

They are not even in the same league...

RememberThe3573463d ago

The Japanese don't get motion sickness from FPS because they're Japanese. It's because they aren't used to the movements.

I was the same way before I got into Halo. Now, FPS is probably my most played genre.

pain777pas3463d ago

If they buy this one and like this one then the expectations for the genre will have risen really high which means future fps releases will really have to step their game up. To other publishers pushing fps games in Japan. Good luck!!!!!!!!! You're gonna need it!

jaysquared3462d ago

You can now add KZ2 to the PS3s flop list which includes Resistance 1&2, Motorstorm 1&2, Socom, Heavenly Sword and any other PS3 exclusive!

ps3d03462d ago

not bad ? are you kiding me. This makes 360 sells seem ungodly and wtf they had to update servers just to handle 20k ? Top to it off sony delayed this game for 4 years and spend 10's of millions of dollars making it what a flop

evrfighter3462d ago

"If game is HALO then why do you expect KZ2 to beat it on sales? funny stuff. "

It makes perfect sense actually. The japanese are very well known to dislike shooters. this isn't about halo vs. kz2 sales imo. But about being the first western made shooter that japan embraces. So far it is safe to assume that won't happen this generation.

Baka-akaB3462d ago

What else was there to buy on 360 in the early days ? Most early japanese 360 owners were in for tecmo games , halo , and idol master .

Not saying the ps3 had such a far better japanese launch , but it wasnt bought at all in the prospect of fps ...

Elvfam5113462d ago

"Halo 3 sold a bit over 60,000 units it's first week"

you know its the first day right that killzone sold 20000 im just saying dont make yourself look bad again

pixelsword3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

but we must also consider the timing of the releases: as when Halo 3 came out, there really wasn't much out for either console, whereas Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete came out relatively recently in Japan for the PS3, if I'm not mistaken (Ha! it's a movie, that's why I couldn't remember; but it costs almost as much as a game here [$54]... so it likely set people back who are FF XIII fans: but we're talking Japan here, so how many FF RPG fans could there be?); but still, good point.

All-33462d ago

You're having a hard time understanding Blaze's logic?

Where have YOU been hiding out?

BEFORE Resistance: FoM... wasn't Killzone released on a PlayStation brand?

BEFORE Killzone weren't shooters such as SOCOM, Half-Life, Quake III, Red Faction, TimeSplitters, Battlefield 2... etc etc etc released on a PlayStation brand?

BEFORE Killzone 2 weren't shooters like CoD 4, Bioshock, Dead Space, The Orange Box (Half-Life 2), Unreal Tournament 3, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas, Call of Duty: World at War, Battlefield: Bad Company, WarHawk, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, Call of Duty 3 etc etc etc released on the PS3?


Chubear3462d ago

but they conveniently leave out that after that week sells went almost dead cause halo3 sales in JPN is still in the 70k range for life to date.

They also love to ignore that R:fom sold over double what halo3 sold in JPN too. This is JPN and the FPS is known not to be their bread 'n butter (far from it) but ofcourse, the 360 fanbase will ignore whatever they have to ignore to suit their insecurities.

Just watch, when news comes out later this year that KZ2 has surpassed halo3 sales in JPN you'll get the usual 360 fanatic response when they set a reality check - "meh, who cares"

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gauntletpython3463d ago

Hopefully it hits 50K first week.

TOO PAWNED3463d ago

no it won't. there is usually 50% drop for rest of the week. For example if first day is 20k, rest of the week will be at best 10k. R2 had 33k first week...still good numbers.

ps3gamerkyle3463d ago

Wow, great numbers for this type of game.

The_Zeitgeist3463d ago

Especially considering the acting in the game. Imagine Rico speaking in Japanese. That would be hilarious. I need to get me and import copy.

JaPo3463d ago

It's not really great numbers though, is it?

Japan was never going to make too big a difference but what's KZ2 at now... 2m?

For some reason I haven't played KZ2 in a long time. Actually went back to COD4 for a short while. What kind of numbers are playing generally?

Traveler3463d ago

You're entitled to your opinion, of course, but I am the exact opposite. I find Killzone 2 to be a more enjoyable experience than COD4.

Don't get me wrong COD4 is a great game; it's just that I am kind of sick of real-world, historic based shooters. The settings are so dull to me and I don't like the political baggage that they bring. I enjoy sci-fi shooters like Killzone 2 and Gears of War 2 so much more.

The mechanics of COD4 are damn good, but the setting and campaign narrative didn't do a whole lot for me. The mechanics in Killzone 2, on the other hand, are just as good, but the atmosphere, graphics and setting are better and more interesting to me.

JaPo3463d ago

At least you justified your points. I can't say I enjoy KZ2 as much, unfortunately. I really thought I would at first but there isn't much of an urge to play it.

I'm a barebones perfection COD4/Virtua Tennis 3 kinda guy, though.

7thNightvolley3462d ago

japan def not fpshooters but this is a sign they are accepting the genre so in a few years they would be doing bigger numbers as they get use to the view from holding a gun

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