iPGR Review: Assassins's Creed: Altair's Chronicles

iPGR writes: "The story follows the character of Altair, who is sent on a mission to find a mysterious and powerful object called the Chalice, and steal it from the Templars in a place called the Desert Temple. This story is expanded into lots of side-missions to get the keys to Desert Temple, sometimes fighting outright, or silently assassinating. Players of Gameloft's Hero of Sparta should recognize the similar and very easy-to-use control system. The game also has some mini games like pickpocketing and forcing information out of people by pressing specific parts of their body. All this constitutes three to five hours of solid gameplay.

Upon playing for some time, you should notice that fighting and killing forms a small part of the game. You are supposed to be some kind of a silent assassin. So you'll mostly be jumping on rooftops, performing stealth-based missions and performing silent kills throughout the game.

Concluding, Assasin's Creed is undoubtedly under priced by $10, and is the most superb high-profile game ever for the iPhone. It is absolutely a must-buy and I couldn't possibly recommend it more. TouchArcade's video shows some of the early part of the game."

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