KYM: Family Guy Uncensored review

KYM writes: "Family Guy is one TV show with an odd sense of humour. It's a great sense of humour, granted, but the show's odd asides, although hilarious, do occasionally seem to be the products of an ever-so-slightly deranged mind.

Family Guy Uncensored takes some tips from the series' surreal style by basing each of the seven mini-games on a tangent some way off anything quite to do with the game's plot. At the start, there's a power cut. Peter's TV cuts out, Brian's shower stops and Chris' arcade machine goes dead.

You run around the city as Peter Griffin, and as you bump into the main characters from the show, mini games pop up like the comic cut scenes from the show. You might be Quagmire, jumping from vine to vine Tarzan style to reach Lois, or Chris acting out his own hand-drawn computer game after the real-life one bites the dust."

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