Let the games begin - PS3 and Xbox to clash online

"The debut of Sony's Playstation 3 tomorrow kicks off a battle with Microsoft's rival Xbox 360 that's likely to be fought largely on the quality of video game titles and the relative strengths of the high definition disc drives the consoles support.

But another front in the battle will also be fiercely contested - one for dominance in the world of online gaming, which Microsoft has largely had to itself with its Xbox Live platform.

Sony's internet-enabled PS3 allows owners to connect via their broadband connections to the Playstation Network where games can be purchased, movie trailers downloaded and gamers can join online multiplayer communities. Access to the network is free, but much of the content is charged for via credit card."

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Lyberator4317d ago

who approves articles around here?

Havince4317d ago

Theres no battle.

iv had PS3 owners i know say the online is no way near a match for the XBOX the menu is tacky and plain (like the PSP) And the enjoyment of conversation playing a game online is poor. Microsoft is king of online gaming....allways will be