Research: MMO 'Addiction' Overstressed, Still 'Potentially Damaging'

While it is hardly news that some find the nature of massively multiplayer online games to be addicting, a new report from the UK's University of Bolton has found that while such games may not be quite as addictive as previously believed, they can still be "potentially damaging for players' work, home and social life."

According to the study, Dr. John Charlton, Research Fellow in Psychology in the School of Health, Psychology and Sport, found that levels of video game addiction could be as much as 10 percent lower than earlier studies.

Explaining this differential, Charlton's report found that many reports classify gamers as addicted by using symptoms that are also used in the diagnosis of gambling addiction, something that Charlton flagged as inappropriate.

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BoneMagnus5246d ago

Any hobby - sports, reading, videogames, model building are designed to help us relax and give us a break from the stressors of our lives.

However, when my video game life takes precedence over my real life, there is a problem. Just like some people choose to get high to escape life, some choose to exist in a virtual world.

Its not about the medium - its about the individual - whether or not they have an addictive personality.

I'm a therapist and had a couple of clients that were addicted to videogames - where it affected their normal life functioning and relationships. One was playing a City of Heros, the other Halo and obsessed with online rank.