EvilCast NewsBrief Episode #40

GrE writes, "Tonight was one hell of an interesting show. Be sure to stick around for the bloopers, as there should be plenty! But on a high note, we can buy a DreamCast again! Oh, and LEGO groupies sound like a treat as well in the new LEGO Rock Band!"

"I kind of look at this as what marriage is gonna be like when you're 80 years old and you can just ask your wife to take her teeth out"-Cory Appleton

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Neco5123491d ago

Great show as always guys!

bgrundman3491d ago

Legos make everything better.

CrAppleton3491d ago

even head apparently... hahahahah

CrAppleton3491d ago

Haha.. this was a b!tch to run through.. but it was probably the most fun I've had on a show yet

CrAppleton3491d ago

Yeah.. this is a little late to the press..

More to look forward to tonight :D

Neco5123491d ago

LMAO! Take your teeth out? Good god man