Cinematic Mod 10: The first pictures of the new Alyx - Update: Clarification

Modder Fakefactory released the first screenshots of the new Alyx model. Those are "Very Early Beta", so they only give a brief impression in the current state of development and are not necessarily comparable to the final graphics of the modification.

The biggest change is the new, additional Alyx model that isn't inspired by supermodel Adriana Lima (who had been a controversial matter among Half-Life 2 fans) anymore. Fakefactory now tries to copy the original real-life model for Alyx, the actress Jamil Mullen, who spent several days in a studio for motion capturing purposes when Half-Life 2 was developed. Below you can find a direct comparison between the two HD Alyx models; just click on the names to switch between the pictures.

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Th3 Chr0nic3489d ago

The new one based on the original model looks way better than the neanderthal head of Adriana Lima.
in one of the pics i swear the model wearing the weird long sleave shirt looks like boomer from the BSG series.

lsujester3489d ago

I thought the same thing. Grace Park is the cutest thing since baby seals were genetically spliced with kittens.

Elven63489d ago

The Lima model doesn't look very good.

Lekumkee3489d ago

Looks like the females in the Oblivion... butt ugly.

njr3489d ago

To change her physical appearance is fine, but giving her new faces won't suffice.

likedamaster3489d ago

TERRIBLE! Seriously, let it go. Valve got it right the first time.