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Leord4087d ago

I love extra goodies when buying games. It's really what piracy can never ever beat.

Cogo4087d ago

This is true. The principle of beating piracy FOR REAL is just to make it more worth for a person to buy a game than to go through the download process of a torrent or whatever.

In most cases, this would be including things that are not necessarily downloadable. Like goodies in the box, or online components.

I believe people inherently want to pay for good entertainment. There is just not enough products that match people's opinions of the money's worth.

Leord4087d ago

Well, so you're saying that suing people until they stop sharing files will never work? o.O

/sarcasm off

thetamer4087d ago

Nice one. This should be a good blast from the past.

Leord4087d ago

Yes. I love the colours.