Activision Announce More Tracks For Guitar Hero: Smash Hits

Activision has revealed more new tracks that will be included in Guitar Hero: Smash Hits when it launches on June 16th

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mugoldeneagle033516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

I really don't care for Activision, especially since they are completely whoring out the music genre. I thought in one of the commercials I heard "Metallica and 21 other bands coming to Guitar Hero".


1) They want me to buy 21 different games
2) None of the DLC is compatible with anything
3) This "Smash Hits" game probably isn't included in the 21

I dont know about you guys, but Harmonix has done everything completely right. Award standalone games to the legendary bands that deserve (Beatles, Zeppelin -I hope) and just DLC.

George Sears3516d ago

Dude, the commercial didn't mean 21 new games, it meant 21 other bands in GH Metallica. System of a Down etc, 21 other songs from 21 other bands and WT DLC is compatible with all the latest releases of the series.

You like Harmonix because of personal taste, doesn't mean that they are doing anything better than Neversoft when it comes to these one band only games.

KrisXX3516d ago

GH:WT DLC is NOT compatible with the newest releases of the series. Only the Metallica Album is compat with with GH:M. No WT DLC is compat with Smash Hits.

DanSolo3516d ago

I hope they put John the Fisherman from GH 2 on there, ever since watching the South Park episode when they play guitar hero I can't help but laugh everytime I hear that tune.