Need a 360? Are you rich?

There is a Kotaku article which discusses a gorgeous paint job on an Xbox 360 - it's for sale on eBay (already painted on a 360). It ain't cheap - Buy it Now price is $925, plus almost $30 in shipping.

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ElementX4755d ago

That's a beautiful piece of work. Too bad if you have to send it in for repairs and MS decides to replace the console! Yes, my launch system finally got all screwy (vertical lines on the screen, no red lights of death). MS replaced it, no questions asked. I bought a MS extended warranty (2 years for $60) so it was still under warranty. Plus, MS extended my warranty an additional year last year, so it's good through Nov. 2008. Great job with customer service, MS! :)

ASSASSYN 36o4755d ago

Try painting a ps3 like that.

Rasputin20114755d ago

Now thats a kick @$$ mod.