The Sun Sets on Japan

GameStooge's Jordan Lund looks at the sales figures for the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and wonders if Japan is relevent anymore in the video game industry.

Excerpt: "For years the Japanese gaming market was held in high esteem, both in the industry and the press. If a platform made it in Japan, such as the NEC PC Engine or the Sega Saturn, then it didn't really matter how poorly it did in the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, for at least some of the press this hasn't been true in several years. The sales numbers coming out of Japan are being eclipsed by the North American market and more recently even by the UK market."

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TriforceLightning3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

alternate title/Nuff said.

SoapShoes3463d ago

Sony starts winning in Japan and then all of the sudden it does not even matter. So other parts of the world grew larger than Japan, does that make them any smaller?

Of course it is relevant, wtf!! NEWSFLASH: Germany not even relevant in the gaming industry. Hmmm, there are tons of countries in Europe not even close to Japan are they not relevant either?

Seferoth753463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

LOl Sony winning japan? Since when? They are 50 million behind Ds and 5 million behind Wii. a few weeks of good sales doesnt mean they own the country or are number 1. Japan is down as a whole when it coems to gaming. they are buying far less than they did 5 years ago. It has nothing to with any 1 company doing good or bad. The industry as a whole is decreasing.

Also you must not even understand what is being said. Germany was never the dominate country for video games and the industry didnt look to it for signs of how the industry was going the way they did Japan. It seems you are only upset and angry over this because you dont really understand what is being said. You only think its because Sony is finally getting first palce sales and that isnt even the issue.

JonahFalcon3463d ago

Lund wrote this in the NG to someone like you:

Wow, so a difference of 15,867 units after 16 weeks... Woo!

So, let's see here... at that rate they just have to keep it up for
another... 94.245 years to catch up to the Wii...

(Wii is ahead by 4,860,000 in Japan, divided by 15,867 gives the
number of 16 week units required to catch up. 306.296. Times 16 = the
number of weeks required. 4900.737. Divide by 52 = number of years.)

SoapShoes3463d ago

I'm sorry you read my post the wrong way and I really don't see how you could think that I implied Sony having a higher over all amount of consoles sold, but whatever.

Obviously I meant winning weekly(and even monthly now) recently. Japan does matter and anyone who is foolish enough to think it is not, basically discredits the many countries in Europe, Asia, etc. Because when you compare Japan to N/A and Europe you're comparing one country to continents.

JonahFalcon3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

The article has nothing to do with specific consoles, or who's "winning" or "losing".

When a year of Japanese sales are LESS than a MONTH of American sales...

Little hint: There's a REASON Square-Enix is buying Eidos and other Western developers. They see the writing on the wall, and realize they have to start making games that cater to Western audiences. Heck, they SAID as much.

nycredude3463d ago

Too bad every single one of their games so far this gen suck ass!

Plus the amount of bad decisions Square has been making thus far instills absolutely no confidence in me that the studios they bought will fare the better for it. Infact I would be surprised if they f*&ked them up.

TheColbertinator3463d ago

Japan is still very much a factor in determining worldwide sales and current trends.Capcom,Square Enix,Konami,Namco,Nintendo,Son y,Atlus,and Tecmo are all based from Japan and they keep watch for Japanese developed games that can be successful in the Western markets.Several of gaming's biggest franchises stem from Japan including Soul Calibur,Resident Evil,Street Fighter,Final Fantasy,Pokemon,Zelda,Mario,So nic,Star Ocean,Metal Gear Solid,Ninja Gaiden and several others have greatly impacted the industry because of the Japanese market.

Although some franchises like Monster Hunter,Yakuza,and Dragon Quest don't have the same success here in the West,I still see Japan is important.

fjtorres3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Japanese population is aging and their Median age is one of the highest in the world: 43.8

Which is to say that half the population is over 44 years old.

Add in that the younger (smaller) generation is more into mobile gaming than console gaming and the fact that what console gaming they do is... shall we say indiosyncratic?...

Basically, the outside world zigged and the japanese market zagged.
Which is why Capcom and Square have *both* articulated a need for studios based *outside* japan; as of now there are *two* Japanese gaming industries, one for internal consumption and one for export.

Doesn't mean they're irrelevant--a million consoles a year is a decent market--but it does mean they aren't kingmakers anymore; their preferences no longer sway the global market any more than Korea or Australia do.

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